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Subj: This issue has confirmed my "Man in a Refrigerator" theory for Amazing Spider-Man #600:
Posted: Thu May 21, 2009 at 02:08:54 pm EDT (Viewed 38 times)
Reply Subj: Amazing Spider-Man #594 - Thoughts
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Hey gang,

Here are my thoughts on the latest issue of Amazing Spider-Man. Firstly, I have to say that it was another sastifying issue by Mark Waid and artists Mike McKone and Barry Kitson! I absolutely love how there are constantly subplots, both small and large, concurrenly running along the main plot. The writers have been doing a great job with that. I've said it before but it so reminds me of the DeMatteis era on Spectacular Spider-Man. With Amazing Spider-Man #600 only a couple of months away, the stories, including this one, have been very entertaining, as of late. I'm loving it!

Artwise, I am surprised at how well the transition from McKone to Kitson and vice-versa is so flawless. Without spending any time analyzing all the pages thoroughly, I really can't figure out which artist pencilled what page. The transition was seamless, IMHO. When inked properly, these two guys can produce some really nice looking work. Kudos to them.

I think Waid does a very respectable job on this issue. He's moving the main plot along steadily and the subplots are interspersed very well throughout the story. He's probably one of my favorite writers on the Spider-Man titles at the moment. I have to admit that when it was first announced that he would be one of the writers, I had little faith that he was going to do all that great, so I'm very much pleasantly surprised.

In no specific orders, here are some of the revelations this issue:

- The new Vulture has no connection to the old Vulture, Adrian Toomes. Spidey gets confirmation of this when he visits Toomes in prison.
- The new Vulture was transformed into this creature unwillingly, if I understand correctly. He is pretty pissed off at the people who did that to him.
- Spider-Man may have been blinded (temporarily) by the new Vulture's acid that was spewed in his face but he manages to send his opponent away by using his other available senses, mainly his trusty spider-sense.
- The person that's been taking care of the Gonzales-Parker apartment is none other than Vin's sister, whom we first met a little while ago, when she represented him at his trial for the spider-tracer incident. That's whom I guess it would be and I'm looking forward to see how everything plays out, seeing as how Peter and she first ran into each other (he was naked, coming out of the shower).
- Peter handles the Aunt May / JJJ Sr. romance better than I thought he would. He knows how good of a man JJJ Sr. is - based on their encounter in the tunnels when he was Spider-Man - so he gives his blessing. Later JJJ Sr. proposes to Aunt May, after courting her for just about a month, and she accepts.
- People are back to hating Spider-Man when he and the new Vulture end up crashing into a baseball stadium during their battle. There is some kind of baseball thingie going on (sorry, I don't have the book in front of me to get the right terminology and I hate baseball) and Spidey and the new Vulture interrupt this, which is apparently a big NO NO.
- At issue's end, Peter realizes that he's not being Spider-Man 24/7 because of J. Jonah Jameson's new position as NYC mayor; he's doing it because his arch enemy, Norman Osborn, is at the head of the now defunct SHIELD. When he swings away into the night, there is some kind of weird greenish tentacle thingie that shows up where he was last seen...Doc Ock maybe??

Please share your thoughts about the issue.


Here's what we know:

Marvel has stated that, in Amazing Spider-Man #600, there will be a wedding, and Doctor Octopus will return.

Here's what we can credibly infer:

Barring some last-minute "Hawk is Monarch!" switch-a-roo, it's all but been confirmed that the wedding will be between May and Jay. And since Otto and May have a romantic history, it's highly likely that the "brain trust," which is so slavishly devoted to recreating so many aspects of Spider-Man's pre-marriage status quo, will tie Otto's return into May's wedding.

And here's what I predict will happen:

Otto will interrupt May and Jay's wedding, like a fat, middle-aged, eight-limbed Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate, and Peter will don his Spider-Man suit to fight Otto, and in the ensuing fight between Otto and Spider-Man, Jay will be killed. Otto might actually feel badly about this, given the regard he's occasionally shown for May's feelings in the past, while Peter will unquestionably feel badly about this, not only because Jonah will blame Spider-Man for "murdering" his dad, thus ensuring that the Jonah/Spider-Man feud becomes more combative and entrenched than ever, but May will also blame Spider-Man for "murdering" her newfound love, thus ensuring that Peter will feel even more guilty, and that he will have an entirely new reason for never being able to tell May that he's Spider-Man.

I'll be genuinely impressed if the "brain trust" doesn't head in this direction, but the problem they face is that they've demonstrated their clear belief that everything that happens must make Peter's life suck even worse in some way, and unfortunately for them, there's really no possible way that May and Jay getting married wouldn't improve at least some aspect or another of Peter's life. Moreover, and this is the big one, giving May a new husband pushes Ben that much further in the background, which lessens the guilt that drives Peter, and since the "brain trust" retconned Peter's marriage to Mary Jane in part because it lessened his angst over their sainted Gwen, whose death isn't even the primary source of Peter's guilt ... well, it's hard for me to see this going any other way.

So, between Jay, Jarvis, Nathan Lubensky and Ben, May's vagina has become a Green Lantern fridge.

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