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Subj: Re: Spider-Man Revisited 35: Fabian Nicieza
Posted: Fri May 22, 2009 at 03:11:41 pm EDT (Viewed 94 times)
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Double posting today, because I'm going to be off net for the next day or two. Can't leave my loyal readers hanging. ;\-\)

Original opinion: Nicieza hasn’t done much with the character, which is a shame, because I think he’s got a really good handle on him. Fortunately, he just makes the minimum.

(He also did an issue of Spider-Man Unlimited and the Final Adventure mini, which are covered under the Clone Saga.)

Web #38 (Moving Up)
Under a fairly redundant cover, the entertaining story of Peter’s farewell to his “bachelor pad.” The Hobgoblin (Macendale) is looking for work from the Kingpin and is sent to kill Spider-Man. Meanwhile, Peter and MJ are hosting a bash at his old apartment. Unfortunately, someone spiked the punch, which causes issues for Spider-Man in battle. (“Mommy, did Spider-Man just burp?”) Fortunately, a timely equipment malfunction saves the day and Pete gives a Mrs. Muggins a heartfelt farewell.

Web #39 (Petty Crimes)
Spider-Man vs. the Looter (post-loser status; pre-love affair with meteor) to save Nathan Lubensky’s watch. Meanwhile, Nathan tries to bridge the gaps with May after the incident in Spec #113.

New Warriors #32-34, Annual 3 (Forces of Light, Forces of Darkness)
As part of a group of guest stars, Spider-Man gets a rare chance to show off his experience and leadership skills. (“Okay Warriors—let’s go get ourselves killed!”)

ASM ’96 (as in 1996) (Deadmaker)
Set just after he and MJ got married, Peter encounters the son of a guy his dad killed while on the job. After beating him up, they have a nice heart to heart about moving forward in the wake of family tragedy.

The sequel to the Stone Tablet Saga, with Hammerhead, the Lizard, Boomerang, Caesar Cicero, the Eel, Man Mountain Marko, Arthur Stacy and Dr. Strange. Can’t go wrong with Steve Rude art, and any story with Hammerhead becoming a godlike being has got to have its charms, but it fell a little flat. One quibble is that the story took place when Peter thought MJ was dead, but when asked who he would resurrect, her name never came up. Tsk.

In summary… Lifeline was a little disappointing, but the rest had me wishing there was more to go through.

Have you read New Thunderbolts?

While I think most of his Spider-Man stuff (especially ASM ’96)* was good, I’ve never really been sure he had that great a handle on the character overall.

I don’t recall exactly which issue (six, maybe) but there’s a guest appearance early in New Thunderbolts that always rubbed me the wrong way. Spidey shows up to harass MACH IV (formally the Beetle) when the guy was clearly making an effort to become a better person (serving his time, becoming a hero, giving other villains a chance to reform)**. What happened to the guy who was giving second (and third and sometimes fourth) chances to people like Black Cat, the Prowler, Rocket Racer, Puma, and Sandman?

Plus his long-awaited Spider-Man/Deadpool crossover in Cable & Deadpool was easily the weakest story in an otherwise great series.

*And honestly I like that story for badass MJ more than anything else.

**On the bright side. The end of the conversion was hilarious. “I don’t trust you any farther than I can throw you” “You’ve thrown me pretty far”

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