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Subj: Re: Now that American Son has begun, now seems like the perfect time..
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...for another opinion poll! What does the board think of Dark Reign as a story so far? I personally think it's brilliant...I was a big fan of the original Thunderbolts concept, waaaay back in 1997, of villains pretending to be heroes to lull the world into trusting them, only to strike when the world was least expecting it. It's a similar concept that we see today, only it's being carried out on a much larger, company wide scale, AND it involves Pete's single greatest enemy running the show. Couldn't ask for anything more, right? Well, we'll see. What do you guys and gals think? (And please, don't make this in any way a referendum on the new post-OMD continuity...that point has been beaten to death. Yes, Norman no longer knows Pete is Spidey. I'm just asking your opinions on the story itself, not on whether or not you agree with that).


Well, as a story, I like how it's kind of an overlapping plot of the Marvel Universe as a whole, rather than just a "summer event" and we see the aftermath of it for 3 months or a year or whatever in only certain titles. Even titles as disconnected as Nova are at least referencing Dark Reign.

I also enjoy how Norman Osborn, in some cases, is getting a fair shake. Bendis wrote a great scene between Norman and Sentry in Dark Avengers #3 that makes you almost FEEL for "Stormin Norman." In Dark Reign: Bullseye, Norman honestly believes that he's the hero keeping the world safe and not only does he want this power, but he's DESERVED it all his life.

That isn't to say evil, ruthless bastard Norman isn't allowed. Brubaker is using that type of Norman quite well over in Invincible Iron Man. And in Amazing, we're kind of getting a mixed bag between sympathetic manipulator and complete bastard.

I also enjoy it because, as a journalist, I love any story that pushes the journalists of the Marvel Universe to the forefront. Ben Urich was shaken up by Secret Invasion with the death of his wife, and is using Dark Reign, in a weird way, to cope with it. I have hopes that Robbie will start sticking his neck out too. And even though Jameson is a complete brown nose as he's always been, I think he'll eventually listen to his conscience.

Not every Dark Reign title is a hit with me. Mighty Avengers is a huge let down; and a number of the hero focused Dark Reign: [whatever] like the F4 have sucked too. But generally those are titles I'm not reading anyway.

It's really making the MU feel like a universe,but at the same time, it's like an "Event" that doesn't have a single required book for reading. I like it.

And honestly, even if Norman isn't in charge, I wouldn't mind it continuing for a bit longer.

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