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Subj: Re: Spider-Man Revisited 41: Peter David Part Three
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Spider-Man 2099 Meets Spider-Man
Peter wakes up in 2099, Miguel wakes up in 1995, and wackiness ensues. It’s all because of the Hobgoblin of 2211. Fortunately, the Spider-Man of 2211 shows up to save the day.

Captain Marvel #10 (Coven Part 2)
Worth mentioning for “Oh my God, it IS a whack-job psycho-sexual thing.” Made me smile.

So mumblety-mumble years after his last contribution to an ongoing Spider-Man series (he left circa ASM #314 and now we’re at ASM #525 – time flies when you’re having fun), he gets another shot at an ongoing Spider-Man book. (And special thanks to whoever kept Mark Waid too busy to do it himself.)

FNSM #1-4 (The Other) – covered under JMS. I can’t say I was fond of the Flash Thompson reversion, but at least this time there was a good reason for it.

FNSM #5 (Web Log)
A young lady encounters Spider-Man four times throughout his career, gets a restraining order and the front page of the Bugle and writes about it a lot on her blog. Interesting. Also featuring a potential glimpse at Spider-Man’s final fate. (I wonder if PAD was following up on what JMS hinted at in ASM #500 or if he had his own ideas for Spider-Man’s last adventure.)

FNSM #6-7 (Masks)
Spider-Man fights a mystically empowered wrestler, bringing back those darn wrist spikes. Interesting commentary on the whole totem notion (and those opposed to it) – regardless of what the spider’s motives were (if any), Peter’s still a man of science. And to answer the question I asked in the Mark Millar recap, Peter David was the one who let Jonah find out that John wasn’t Spider-Man.

FNSM #8-10 (Jumping the Tracks)
Curious about Hobgoblin and Spider-Man 2211? Now we finally get to know more about them. To summarize – father/daughter and both have issues, with a dollop of the “cause a disaster by trying to prevent it” time travel trope. We also get a peak at what might have happened to Peter had Uncle Ben not died and Aunt May had died due to mischance rather than criminal act. (So would Jane Foster have ended up thrown off a bridge instead?) Basically, Peter stays arrogant and becomes something of a stinker. Then that Uncle Ben jumps to the main reality, scares Aunt May, gets in a fight with Jarvis and finally killed, along with Spider-Man 2211, by a mysterious assailant. Who’d’ve thought that “our” Uncle Ben got off easy?

FNSM #11-13 (I Hate a Mystery)
One of the three claimants to the Mysterio id (wonder if the BND crew will be addressing this in the upcoming Mysterio storyline) decides to attack Peter at his school and the other two (including the dead original one) show up, too. Wackiness ensues. And to answer the question Stan had Peter ask about what Flash would do if he ever found out who Spider-Man really was? He wouldn’t buy it. At least, not until Peter kicked a dodge ball into his face.

FNSM #14-16 (Taking Wing)
Peter finds a way to continue teaching (using a fondly remembered alias), we find out how Betty took the reveal (surprisingly well) and old Parker flame (sorta – Peter never seemed all that interested) Deb Whitman makes her return. Meanwhile the Vulture shows up with a rather pessimistic world view and Peter uses an odd technique to try to shake him out of it.

FNSM Ann #1 (Sandman: Year One)
A new take on Sandman’s early days which I think fits in with what I remember established about his past. Sandman throwing the fight in ASM #4 was new, but admittedly that defeat didn’t exactly gibe with later appearances anyway.

A tribute to a friend of PAD’s who had recently passed away. Sweet.

FNSM #17-19 (Sandblasted)
Featuring the Sandman, his Dad, Chameleon 2211, the black costume, and the Spider-Man 2211’s helmet in a story more reminiscent of Spider-Man 3 than I thought could be pulled off in the comics. Impressive. I should probably ding the characterization since Peter’s in the black costume and not acting all homicidal, but the notion that “black costume = dark Spider-Man” is silly to begin with, so ah well.

FNSM #20-22 (Consuming Passions)
Peter vs. the Spider creature he encountered at the end of the Other (now calling itself Ms. Arrow) for the life (and… umm… virtue) of Flash Thompson, with Betty caught in the middle. And I was wrong about no one using Betty’s fighting skills after that Mackie Web story. Her affinity for firearms makes another appearance here. (“This is for making me afraid of toilets!”) Arrow tries to get away, swearing vengeance, but Peter stops her once and for all. And all I could think of was that if this was during the Bob Harras period, she would have gotten away and just never been mentioned again.

FNSM #23 (Fighting Words)
Peter and Jonah have it out once and for all. Vaguely reminiscent of Web of Spider-Man #13 and the cover to Amazing #246… I knock JMS for doing little with the supporting cast post-reveal, but I’m glad PAD got to handle this one.

In summary… I’m a fan. \:\-\)

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man got a poor deal. It started off with a crossover (The Other), ended with a crossover (One More Day) and in-between that had to deal with two costume changes (iron and black) and tie in with the secret identity reveal Civil War gimmick. And then there were the artist changes.

It was unfortunate that Peter David's return to Spider-Man had to be during the era with the most mindless gimmickry since the clone saga.