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Subj: Re: Clone Saga news coming soon
Posted: Sun May 31, 2009 at 10:39:36 pm EDT (Viewed 5 times)
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Posted: Fri May 29, 2009 at 11:59:19 am EDT (Viewed 44 times)

    Clone Saga news coming soon, per Brevoort's blog


I think that the return of Ben Reilly is one of the few resurrections that fans actually WANT to see rather than groan and day ‘oh, no…! They brought him back’ etc. (well, maybe a few, there is always going to be a minority not liking or liking an idea). Ben has been killed off twelve years ago and the majority of Spider-fans are still saying to bring him back!

Having Scarlet Spider on the cover of Spotlight and now with the talk about a ‘Clone Saga’ trade/s would have to be considered as a big indication of Marvel planning Ben’s return to the MU and therefore would want to refresh him to older fans and introduce him to the newer ones. If not, then why the sudden interest by Marvel about this character they killed off more than a decade ago? Also the recent X-Men/Spider-Man mini-series could have been testing the waters how fans would react by seeing Ben in comics once again.

The Clone Sage was huge, but as already stated, so was Onslaught,
They could easy adopt this formula and reprint all this stories by breaking them part in ‘acts’ and have them come out in different volumes.

With the milestone #600 coming up and it is said to be as thick as a mini trade, it would be perfect place to show Ben return again! Most likely we will see him back then after we would get a mini telling us how he survived and what he has been doing with himself all this time.

As I have mentioned in previous posts and also mentioned by those below, despite Ben turning to dust after he died, the only way that I can think of Marvel bringing Ben back would be having OMD alter the chain-of-events and Ben survived. He could have survived somehow and when he realised that Peter and MJ thought he was dead, he saw this as the perfect opportunity to get out of their lives. Most likely he went back to his nomadic ways and possibly eventually resettled in another city and lived life as just plain ol’ Ben. Perhaps he retook his position and worked in a Coffee shop?
It would take a major event like DR to make him don his red and blue costume again, especially seeing Norman Osborne of all people being hail as a hero and now ‘top cop’ of the MU with all the political stroke backing him up. That definitely would be a trigger…

I see Doc Ock getting the upper hand over Parker and at the last moment Scarlet Spider moves out of nowhere and saves Peters bacon! Very fitting having the return of ‘a’ Peter Parker to the MU by having him interact with the original Spider-Man arch-enemy!

I can’t wait…!!!!