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Subj: Re: I still think he's coming back
Posted: Sun May 31, 2009 at 11:02:01 pm EDT (Viewed 7 times)
Reply Subj: Re: I still think he's coming back
Posted: Sun May 31, 2009 at 07:55:13 pm EDT (Viewed 5 times)

    As much as I sympathize with your position, Ben Reilly disintigrated into dust. I honestly cannot fathom them bringing him back. A 'follow-up' to the clone saga doesn't necessarily mean Ben's coming back to life; it could mean Kaine comes back (which would make a lot more sense since, you know, he didn't turn into a pile of dust). It could deal with what really happened to Baby May. Hell, Judas Traveller could come back. I too would love to see Ben back (and maybe even in his own title, set, like you said, in some other city) but I think it's far too much to hope for beyond some sort of flashback story, like the recent Spidey/X-Men mini.

Let me say that I'm not trying to bring emotional or even subjective arguments to this discussion. I'll admit that I am of fan of the Scarlet Spider probably because most importantly that storyline was just taking off when I started reading comics. But I'm not going to inject my personal perspective here (or at least not as a major point).

But what are the real objections and obstacles for his return? It's comics, so any story of his return could be done easily. A simple solution would be to just re-clone him with the same memories. In comics we've seen multiple characters return from events where we didn't think a resurrection would be possible. Look at Harry Osborn's return for example. I would argue that there was less demand for Harry's return that there is for Ben's.

Why would Marvel do a re-print of the Clone Saga? Demand. Same reason they would return Ben Reilly back to the comics. Is the demand out there enough? I don't know, but I think it's worth trying.

Let's say that issues 610-616 in ASM is the return of Ben Reilly, with the average promotion going for it (interviews with the creators about the story, Scarlet Spider on the covers, etc). That story is going to see a jump in readers, mostly from fans of the SS, but also from fans curious to see how Marvel handles his return. We can play around with the numbers, but I think of increase of 20K is probably reasonable for the first issue. But there would be no disadvantage, no risk. Very few, if any, people will drop issue 610.

So you really have a situation where his return results in a high reward (20K increase in sales for 6 issues?), with no risk.

But a reprint of the Clone Saga (let's assume in similar format to the AOA epic titles of 4 volumes) is a huge risk. Remember that collections carry a huge risk because they aren't print to order. Marvel has to print much higher than the initial orders to ensure that demand a year after publication can be matched. So Marvel is going to have Clone Saga books sitting in a warehouse to meet that future demand.

There are also other risks involved, like the fact that the Clone Saga has never been reprinted, that it's a 15 year old storyline, etc.

Could this be the return of Kaine or other Clone Saga characters? It's possible, but the return of Kaine wouldn't be as big of a deal as the return of the Scarlet Spider. Why would Marvel leave money on the table?

I'm just not seeing the disadvantages to his return.

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