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Subj: Re: Well speaking as a fan of BND, I thought the issue was off...
Posted: Mon Jun 01, 2009 at 11:37:27 am EDT (Viewed 112 times)
Reply Subj: Well speaking as a fan of BND, I thought the issue was off...
Posted: Sat May 30, 2009 at 08:44:24 pm EDT (Viewed 114 times)

    I mean, the push to have Peter suddenly want Norman dead is verrrrrry forced and out of the blue. It was shoe horned into the last page of 24/7 and it was odd. Peters revelation that he's not upset with Jameson becoming Mayor, but its really Norman he's mad about - All these months and no mention of Peter's feud with Norman - all of a sudden Peter can't draw another breath until Norman is DEAD? Truly out of left field.

    There was such a push for years to make Norman the only villain in Spidey, have every storyline lead back to him, their feud the driving force of the title - It was nice to get away from that for the first year or so of BND. But I guess nothing lasts forever and now its back to "Norman! He HAS to pay for everything!"

    Also - Lily's pregnancy. Bad, bad move. This whole aspect left a horrible taste in my mouth. First off, how many months are they supposed to have been separated? The artist drew her to look nine months pregnant! She didnt look the slightest bit pregnant last time we saw her just a few issues ago - at least seven months would've had to pass for her to look THAT pregnant. What is she doing jumping around on a Goblin glider pregnant, even in her Menace disguise? The image of a pregnant Goblin is disturbing and bizarre. Thumbs wayyy down.

I have the perfect answer to that actually. Remember the horrible Sins Past? Well, it was explained that Gabriel and Sarah were aging more rapidly from having Goblin formula in their blood/DNA from their father, Norman O. Perhaps, you become pregnant faster and your belly grows faster than normal when you got goblin blood coursing through your body, such as Lily has...

Speaking from experience, my wife is preggers and due in August and she ballooned up very quickly this time around and some people think she is ready to give birth any day now, when in fact, she's 11 weeks away from giving birth. So, Lily's belly could be that size. The worst is trying to reconcile the art in the previous issues to this issue. I think they didn't show her being more pregnant in the past issue, so as to not ruin the reveal...ah well...

    Mr Knees