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Subj: Re: Spider-Man Revisited 39: Peter David Part One
Posted: Mon Jun 01, 2009 at 02:37:52 pm EDT (Viewed 12 times)
Reply Subj: Spider-Man Revisited 39: Peter David Part One
Posted: Thu May 28, 2009 at 12:24:48 pm EDT (Viewed 25 times)

Gotta play catch up again...

    Original opinion: His early stuff was enjoyable (esp. Web #13), but it was in the days before I paid attention to who was actually writing the things. Then I missed Spec #108 and, by my policies at the time (I was 11 and fickle I guess \:\-\) ), dropped the series for awhile. I started picking the series up again with #125 and stuck around so I was there for the tail end of his first run, which was good. Then years passed and I got more familiar with his work, picked up the rest of his Spec run, and hoped he would get a chance to do more with the character. So I was thrilled when Waid dropped out of FNSM and PAD got the gig. Unfortunately, he never really got the chance to do all that much since Joe Q was busy setting up his “fix” for Spider-Man and everything turned into servicing the latest Big Spider-Man Event. That said, I think PAD did a really good job with what he had to work with.

I also tend to enjoy PAD's Spider-Man work. I have some reservations on the grim-and-gritty work on PPTSS, just because it set a precedent for more of the same by other authors (who failed to pull it off). He didn't do too many "goofy" Spidey stories, but the ones he did were excellent.

    Spec #103 (Compulsion)
    Bored college students create a fake super-villain (the Blaze) to play a prank on Spider-Man and he tries to return the favor. I don’t think it stuck, though.

Nice use of the Spidey / Human Torch relationship here.

    ASM #266 (Spring is in the Air)
    It’s the Toad, Frog Man and Spider Kid battling to see who is worthy of becoming Spider-Man’s sidekick. Not that he wants one… The band together as the Misfits as the end, which was the original name for a team book with Sunspot and Warlock of New Mutants fame. (It was changed to Fallen Angels before publication.) I was rather bummed when the series came out and the original three Misfits were nowhere to be found. And a nice moment with Bambi on the rooftop.

Fun little story. Did these three ever appear together again?

    ASM #267 (The Commuter Cometh)
    Spidey tracks the luckiest burglar alive to the suburbs and discovers that his methods aren’t quite designed for that environment. (“Wanna borrow my big wheel?”) (He’d later find out that the burglar’s good luck wasn’t quite the problem.)

I think I liked this story more before learning of the "extra bad luck" plot in PPTSS, but it's still a nice out-of-his element story.

    Spec Ann #5, 6 (Ace, Ace II)
    Spider-Man vs. Michael Jackson (okay fine, it’s a former gang leader with mysterious abilities (not the least of which is to piss off everyone who encounters him) who just looks kinda like 80s Michael Jackson). He starts off making sure to stay out of the gang violence in his neighborhood, but then is convinced it would be better to get involved. Then he’s convinced it would be better to stay uninvolved so he grabs his sister and leaves. Whatever works? Oh, and we first meet Joy Mercado in Spec Ann #5. Whatever happened to her, anyway?

I always saw ace more as Prince than Michael Jackson, but either way, I don't like the character much.

    Spec #107-110 (The Death of Jean DeWolff)
    Lots going on in this one. First, we finally get some real insight into Jean DeWolff just in time for her untimely passing. The one downside to a series like Spider-Man, which has had a fair number of casualties, is that some good characters just never seem to make the “honored dead” list anymore. Poor Jean has practically been forgotten, along with characters like Lance Bannon, Nathan Lubensky, etc. Aunt May accidentally gives Peter’s secret identity away to Daredevil (at least he returns the favor at the end) and there’s an interesting look at law vs. justice. A Spider-Man writer finally makes use of the idea that bullets don’t magically vanish after Spider-Man dodges them. And Spider-Man gets realllllly pissed off at the bad guy (the Sin-Eater), although we won’t see the repercussions of that for awhile. Crazy stuff.

Great story on its own, but this and Kraven's Last Hunt really hurt Spider-Man long term, IMO, because they were imitated by later authers with less than stellar results.

    Spec #112 (You Never Make a Sound)
    Featuring Kyle Baker’s “Santa Claus as the Terminator” cover. A mall Santa has been moonlighting as a petty thief and he makes the mistake of breaking into Peter’s neighbor’s place. (Turns out Bambi has a son.) Spider-Man has trouble stopping him, but fortunately the real Santa is there to save the day. And to help Peter make plans for Christmas Day. (Oh, and MJ’s answering machine message uses “Tiger,” so I guess I can’t knock the BND’s use of the term after all.) Also featuring the return of the Black Cat, who decides to do the Robin Hood route.

I almost posted about this issue when I got to it in my reread, since we had justhad a discussion on the historical context of MJ's use of "Tiger" (just for Peter vs. for anyone / everyone) a few weeks earlier, but decided to wait until you got to PAD. I thought this was one of the better Spider-Man Christmas stories (MTU #1 being another).

    Web #13 (Point of View)
    Spider-Man saves the life of a guy nearly hit by a truck and the Daily Bugle makes it sound like he tried to kill the guy. So Peter’s finally had enough of the bad press and goes to teach Jonah a lesson. Fortunately for everyone, Jonah talks Spider-Man down. Good stuff. (That’s actually how I feel about all of these, so in the name of avoiding repetition, you won’t see too much in the way of personal opinions.)

I thought this was pretty good, although I liked PAD's other POV issue (the one where JJJ, MJ, and Pete recall a bank robbery) more than this one. This has a really nice look at JJJ as a man of integrity, which I always enjoy.

    Spec #113 (Mayhem!)
    Back during the Jean DeWolff story, one of Aunt May’s boarders was mugged. So he started carrying a gun and the next time he accosted, he shots the kids. Now they want revenge and they break into Aunt May’s house to get it. Then the cops show up and things escalate a tad. Spider-Man sneaks in and takes care of them, but Nathan Lubensky shows a darker side and opens the blinds, which gets the leader of the kids shot down.

It's issues like these that make me miss the "halfway house" supporting cast. Not enough was done with them, IMO.

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