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Subj: Re: Spider-Man Revisited 44: Cary Burkett
Posted: Wed Jun 03, 2009 at 10:09:16 am CDT (Viewed 3 times)
Reply Subj: Spider-Man Revisited 44: Cary Burkett
Posted: Tue Jun 02, 2009 at 06:23:35 pm CDT (Viewed 6 times)

    Okay, raise your hand if you've never head of this guy. \:\-\) His main claim to fame was the Nemesis series that ran in DC's Brave and the Bold back in the late 70s/early 80s. Nemesis has moved on to become Wonder Woman's "love interest." I have no idea what happened to Burkett.

    Original opinion: Generally forgettable (I say this because I don't remember any of his stories \:\-\) ), but the Nick Fury team-up was fun.

It's funny, because I've reread all of these in the past few months, and the first thing I thought when I read your post was "I've never heard of Cary Burkett. This might be the first time I have nothing to say in one of these threads." I actually enjoyed most of these issues, so now I feel bad I already forgot all about Cary.

    MTU #139 (Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime, w/ Nick Fury)
    One of Nick Fury's Howling Commandoes, Dino Manelli, runs afoul of the Maggia and his fiancée gets kidnapped by a big honking robot. (She's probably 35 years his junior - wanna bet she's in on it?) Fortunately, Nick Fury and Spider-Man are ready and willing to lend a hand and Fury has his best (movie) James Bond gadgets handy. Fun stuff.

Yeah, this was pretty good. I've never ready any Howling Commandoes (the only "classic" Fury stuff I've read is Steranko's run from Strange Tales), so some of the impact of seeing Dino may have been lost.

    MTU #144 (My Sword I Lay Down, w/ Moon Knight)
    Okay, who has their Chinatown Bingo card handy? (Nice to see Philip Chang one last time, though.)

It was great to see Philip and to tie him back to his first appearance in ASM 184-185, since that was pretty much forgotten during the "grad student" years.

    MTU #146-148 (Black Abbott, w/ Nomad, Human Torch and Thor)
    Peter makes friends with Jack Monroe, they go see a John Wayne movie, and next thing you know it's Spider-Man and Nomad against the Taskmaster, a street gang and mysterious new villain Black Abbot. Taskmaster gets away, the Abbot accidentally disintegrates his own right arm (oops!), and a little boy gets a valuable life lesson.

I liked the Peter / Jack interactions quite a bit, especially as they both try to get away from each other to change into their costumes.

    Then we have a good old fashioned Human Torch team-up and, hey, two Black Abbots (or one and 5/6ths anyway). Possibly more.

I felt Black Abbot went from annoying in the first issue to somewhat intriguing here when they threw in the multiple people wrinkle. (Hey, it set the precedent for Scrier, didn't it?).

    It all comes together with Thor and we learn the origin of the one true Black Abbott (he's the one dressed in red. Ummm...) just in time for him to get away and be killed off-panel by Scourge (if I'm remembering my Gruenwald Captain Americas right, anyway). And the kid from the Nomad story returns to help further the plot along. Liked it. (Although ever since I heard the real deal about "5% of the brain" (it's at a time not always), the "uses 100%" bit has never read the same.)

I was going to ask what happened to Black Abbot. That seems like an appropriate end.

    So he’s 4/5 on the team-ups, how'd he do on the solos?

    Spec #101 (Echoes)
    One issue after his break-up with Black Cat, Spider-Man is enjoying a concert until seeing some couples getting a little romantic wakes him wistful about... Gwen Stacy. (Appropriate given the rest of the story, but I question the timing a little. The Cat was the fourth major love interest, so she warranted a mention in the follow-up I think.) Anyway, it's almost Gwen's birthday and Pete's mopey. Fortunately, Blacklash is attempting to steal a computer part so Pete gets a nice fight to distract him. And Blacklash doesn't do half bad without making Spider-Man look like a chump. Golly. Cute scene with some reporters, too.

Yeah, the random Gwen story an issue after the Spidey / Cat breakup seemed a bit strange to me, too. It's not terrible, but it's not great, either.

    Spec #102 (A Life for A Life)
    A PSA (drunk driving is bad) wrapped in an afterschool special (suicide is bad), with a fight with Killer Shrike tossed in since it's a superhero comics. But hey, this is intended to be juvenile fiction so nothing wrong with a good moral message once in awhile.

This one I liked quite a bit. It's cheesy, but in a good way. I actually wouldn't mind seeing that girl (can't remember her name) popping back up in a Spidey book.

    In summary... I won't say he left me wanting more or anything, but it was nice set of 22 page entertainments.

The biggest problem for Cary is that his MTU run followed JM's fantastic run, which made it seem worse than it was. Also, his issues of PPTSS were a fill-in / bridge between Al Milgrom and Peter David, so in this case the following writer outshone him. Put those issue into a weaker era, and they look fantastic.