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Subj: Re: Amazing Spider-Man #596
Posted: Thu Jun 04, 2009 at 09:00:11 am EDT (Viewed 167 times)
Reply Subj: Amazing Spider-Man #596
Posted: Wed Jun 03, 2009 at 08:02:21 pm EDT (Viewed 29 times)

    *Once again, Jay Jameson is coming off as even more of Marty Stu than ever. Last time I speculated that somehow his "dishonorable discharge" revelation would be used to cast him in a more sympathetic light and sure enough--you can't get more sympathetic than going AWOL to be at your dying wife's bedside as she's giving birth to your first born son. And then we cap this off with him telling Peter to follow his gut and essentially reinforcing Peter's belief that he has to help Harry from the clutches of his dad. Yeah, anyone else becoming more and more convinced that they're setting Jay up to be either killed or severely injured on the day of his and Aunt May's wedding?

It sure looks that way right now. It's almost too good to be true that he is that nice of a guy. He wouldn't be the first pro-Spider-Man to die while being caught in the middle of a crossfire, but it gets old when it happens all the time. And can't Aunt May catch a break?! Everyone's she's dated since Uncle Ben passed away, have either been criminals - Doc Ock - or were killed (i.e. Nathan Lubensky). For that matter, can't Peter catch a break too?! How many times does he have to feel responsible for someone in Aunt May's life dying? There was Uncle Ben, the aforementioned N. Lubensky, etc. I mean, come on, it's been done too many times before. It's like they're trying to put more guilt on Peter's shoulder.

    *Likewise, Norah being solidified as a "blond, gen-x version of Lois Lane" also is underscored, what with her managing to flirt her way into a job inside Avenger's Tower, and what with her berating Peter about how she's getting the big scoop no matter what. Just cast Peter as Clark Kent and Norah as Lois Lane and you're all set. Still, her dialogue is amusing and at least they acknowledge that she's still seeing Randy (although I'm guessing Norah "putting herself at risk" will be what breaks them up, giving her "Estrogen vs. Testosterone" remark).

Regardless of the similarities to CK and LL, I thought it was a pretty clever way for her to do this. I thought Peter was going to be in on it at first, so now we know they're setting her up as the damsel in distress.

    *The scene with Peter at Gwen's grave may be another example of "Gwen being the one if not for the fact she died," but it is appropriate in the context that Peter acknowledges that "Aside from MJ, [she knows] better than anyone what Norman is really capable of." Speaking of that MJ remark, perhaps this is another hint that MJ may still know Peter is Spider-Man?

I thought the same thing. We rarely hear him make mention of her so when he does, I wonder if it's just to plant clues here and there...nice touch.

    *Really not all that much in the Harry department, which is odd considering how he's at the epicenter for much of the action in the story. Since it's essentially Harry getting inside Avengers Tower to possibly find and escape with Lily, I'm sure that once he does find her, it will most certainly result in Lily convincing Harry to go along with Norman's "American Son" project and delay their "escape" for another time.

Yeah, I wonder if Lily is perhaps not telling the whole truth here. Does she really want Harry to save her? Or is this all part of Norman's plan or something? It almost seems to convenient...

    *I do think the idea of Peter disguising himself as Venom is a great idea, as I always thought it could easily be done under the right circumstances. And it was also interesting to see Sue provide him with an artificial symbiote suit invented by Reed. And speaking of inventions, Peter's homemade "brown noise" generator appropriately showcased the fact that Spidey CAN invent things on his own. It looked appropriately homemade, and was a nice usage of stopping Venom.

I loved this...I thought it was so cool and unexpected. I think by the time they figure out that it's Spidey, it'll be too late...but then, judging by next issue's cover, it looks like he gets caught.

    *However, this leads to the BIG negative I had with this issue, and that's the scene with Gargan/Venom and the hooker. For all intends and purposes, what Gargan was doing was tantamount to an attempted rape, although technically he was actually going to eat her--as if THAT were any better. It just seemed widely out of place for an all-ages book like Amazing Spider-Man.

Yeah, that was...different...they could have had him attack a homeless bum or something...there was no need to make the victim a hooker.

    *Likewise, I didn't really care much for the artwork this time around. Maybe because since Paulo Siqueira was doing it instead of Phil Jiminez, it just seemed to be a bit jarring to have a change in style like this in the middle of a five part story arc. Perhaps Jiminez was behind schedule and they go Siqueira to fill in?

I believe that way back, the intent was to have Jimenez draw the whole thing - this was before the issues were actually solicited. But I believe he had some emergency preventing him from doing all the work himself so they brought in a few other guys to help out. When the issues were solicited, I'm pretty sure Siqueira's name was mentioned as working on a couple issues of the five-parter. Next issue is also by a different artist.

    *Oh, and although crude, nice touch with Bullseye killing the rat with bogger. :tongue:

Hehe...that was funny.

    So, overall, it seems like things are still creeping right along. Hopefully, things will pick up a bit more next time.

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