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Subj: Re: My bullets after Amazing Spider-Man 687...
Posted: Thu Jun 14, 2012 at 08:36:35 am EDT (Viewed 343 times)
Reply Subj: Amazing 687 The end of Ends of the Earth
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Decent artwork. Barely.

So the new Sinister Six a.k.a. the Avengers get stopped by Mysterio using an E.M.P. Iron Man comments how that will NOT go into the mission logs.

Ock tries to control THOR only to get a surprise when he tries to use THOR's hammer.

Spidey beats up a mind controlled Spider Woman.

Mysterio gives them his vehicle and tells them where Ock's base is. Horizon pinpoints the base to learn more of the stealth tech but Ock's defenses engage and they pull back.

Sable suggests they free Sandman to aid them since his daughter would die but Spidey points out that Sable tortured Marko and that he'd likely seek payback. They are stopped by the Rhino, turns out his reward that he wants due to the loss of his beloved is to watch the world BURN. The base is flooding and he grabs Sable and holds her in the water and vows to not move at all as the water finishes her and the Rhino. She begs Spidey to face down Ock despite his vow of No One Dies. Spidey reluctantly leaves her and it looks like she drowns or later gets blown up with the base but this is Marvel where death seldom ever really happens and it can also be retconned basically ho hum Sable is allegedly dead.

Ock and Spidey fight, Spidey points out a flaw in Ock's plan. Ock figures about 50,000 people will survive to build a new world where he will be remembered and reviled as the greatest mass murderer ever.....sounds like the world courts will have a new person to charge with crimes against humanity.....anyway Spidey points out that all the heat from the lens will fry the brains of the survivors leaving them as vegetables. This distracts Ock, Spidey smashes the controls thus stopping the plan. He then prevents Ock from drowning and of course since this is Marvel where death seldom happens for real, Spidey asks Horizon to build a new life support rig for Ock. But of course Spidey feels he failed as he believes Sable is dead.....I wouldn't be surprise if she pops up next issue....

My bullets after Amazing Spider-Man 687...

-nice cover
-liking the PrevPage painting, again
-more complete mind control compared to Thanos over in Avengers Assemble... maybe he was just being more cruel letting Hulk keep his mind or maybe Ock is just setting a precident for more invasive mindcontrol technique
-they should try to knock off those octobots ASAP
-the trio have been days at it... unfortunately not very resourceful for prep
-nice pep talk by Sable to Spidey
-big mistake, Doc! Thinking Drew is better?! Ha! Another easy shot at this Spider-woman by Spidey (and me ;\) )!
-Mysterio done well
-more reasonable that mind controlled victim can't wield Mjolnir compared to over in Avengers Assemble... maybe Hulk was just pushing it down simultaneously with Thor's arm then it fell to the ground
-nice stipulation by Sable to Cap
-smiled at aftermath 'jokes' by IM and Thor; laughed at the "NOW YOU SEE HIM" quote
-spot on flippancy in the face of danger
-so Rhino's big demand was to be a crazy S.O.B.... now that IS evil bad guy
-tense Rhino/Sable moment... expecting some Sable trick; her counter to Spidey's mantra was perfect
-props to IM in space save, too (and is he throwing Rulk to missiles or is Rulk just leaping 'tween?)
-okay, Doc is pretty darn evil too! Good stuff for a comic book
-hey, wasn't that the survivor same percentage in that ep quoted by that evil villain Daniel Linderman on Heroes TV ;\)
-the bad guy gets what's coming to him
-powerful ending (even though we know story of her death will be greatly exaggerated) but to be honest it felt like the end of the penultimate chapter instead, although wiki says otherwise, but hopefully next issue will have enough of an amount of aftermath to serve as a satisfying denouement)
-must continue to try'n overlook my Marvel's BNDblunder status resentment with stories like this comparitively much better read than the last issue of mainstays Inc.Hulk, Inv.Iron Man, Thor, 2Avengers, 2X-mens, and both FFs

I miss you, Dan. I miss you, Dad. I miss you, Dan.
I miss you, Dad & Dan. I miss you Dad and Dan. Support Cancer Research.
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