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Subj: More examples on the Day of the Dead
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Reply Subj: How Come The Deaths Of Jean DeWolff, Ben Reilly And Ned Leeds Aren't Mentioned?
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    I was thinking about all of the deaths that have impacted Peter, and everyone just seems to mention the big three: Uncle Ben (Of course.), Gwen Stacy, and Captain Stacy (Although he's not mentioned that much.). When Harry Osborn was dead, it used to be Uncle Ben, Gwen, Cap, and Harry Osborn, but he's back, so that takes him off the list. And when Norman Osborn was dead, his death impacted Peter as well. And I guess Miles Warren, as they were somewhat friendly.

    But a LOT of people close to Peter have died, the three above being big examples of deaths that SHOULD be brought up a lot, as they were all his friends and allies. Jean De Wolff in particular was an ally and a friend. Ben Reilly goes without saying, but the Clone Saga drove away so many fans, and caused so much financial trouble for Marvel, that I can see why his death is never mentioned or brought up. But what about Ned Leeds? When Jason Macendale was the Hobgoblin, other than his first appearance, Peter never seemed to bring up the fact that he was somewhat responsible for the death of Ned. Whenever Peter and Norman meet, Gwen's death is almost ALWAYS mentioned, but the death of Ned didn't seem to bring any real animosity to the relationship and hatred between Peter and Jason. So yeah, three people close to Peter, but for some reason, their deaths never get brought up. Which is kind of puzzling. Peter has had a lot of tragedy in his life, that was a running theme during the Mark Millar run on Spider-Man (Which, as poor as I thought that it was, handled that part well.). In fact, I think that TOO many people close to him have died, and have been hurt. But I find it puzziling that we never hear any mention of these three. I don't want them to be brought up as much as Uncle Ben or Gwen, but I think that they definitely do deserve a mention, especially Jean and Ben. Ned Leeds, I guess that they weren't too close. Another death that I think should be brought up would be Nathan Lubensky, who was Aunt May's old flame.

Come to think of it, there are an awful lot of deaths that could have or even should have been mentioned more often.

For instance, consider the first significant death after Uncle Ben's, that of Bennett Brant. Although Spider-Man wasn't responsible for it (and even Betty fairly soon accepted that), it was IIRC the first time someone (and someone was fairly close to him, one degree of separation from his then-girlfriend) killed on his watch.

That the deaths of Richard and Mary Parker are not played up more than they have been is perhaps due to the fact that the story that introduced them was not very good to begin with and some people think the fact that his parents were super-agents detracts from his status as an "everyman". Also, since by at least some of the conflicting accounts Peter was only a baby when they died, he can't actually remember them...

But the most infuriating thing (on a par with the way Ben Reilly became an unperson after his death) was how little Peter and MJ thought or talked about the (apparent) miscarriage of baby May. I think I even recall a scene when, faced with Luke Cage and Jessica Jones's kid they had a brief exchange where it appeared as if the idea of having children themselves was totally new and unfamiliar to them. This probably was because of the fetish of certain editors for Spider-Man as the embodyment of "youth" plus the bad feelings about the Clone Saga. And of course in the post-OMD altered reality MJ may not have gotten pregnant in the first place, although last I read that was never confirmed in-story).