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Subj: Re:I'm Thinking Specifically Of Amazing #148-149 (revised)
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    Peter is a caring guy and probably doesn't hold bitter feelings for long but I just don't see him and Ned as anything at best more than acquantensces. I'm not arguing that they weren't never friends or never on good terms, but they've had some times when they weren't. And in that case, and considering the circumstances of his death when Peter wasn't present and, as we later learn, was being manipulated into doing somethings for the real Hobgoblin, it really makes sense that he doesn't appear in the Death Montages that are so common in ASM books.

Actually they were on surprisingly good terms most of the time, e. g. when MJ returned to New York, Ned and Betty conspired to set up a double date to bring the two together. Professionally they weren't rivals, but colleagues who intermittently worked together. Peter was Ned's Best Man at his wedding. While Ned caused Betty grief, but from what was actually shown on-panel one would have to conclude that she caused him more, after all she cheated on him twice, first with Peter and then with Flash. And since Peter was an innocent party to the first case of adultery, he had cause to feel guilty, which would be another reason to think of Ned. Also, while Peter was not present(1) at the actual killing of Ned Leeds, he saw his body very shortly afterward [later correction - he wasn't the first to discover it, but he saw it as it was still tied up in a sitting position with the throat cut). He and Ned were on a clearly potentially dangerous journalistic assignment in Berlin together, so Ned clearly died on Spider-Man's watch. And of course the eventual revelation that Ned had been manipulated by the Hobgoblin turned him into more of a victim and showed that he was actually innocent of all the original Hobgoblin's crimes, so there was even less reason to repress his memory.

BTW, in "Kraven's Last Hunt", when Peter lies buried in the grave, who appears before his fevered eyes? That's right, Ned Leeds. Not Gwen or George Stacy, not Uncle Ben, but Ned Leeds.

(1) Peter also wasn't present when Uncle Ben was killed, so I guess by your logic he shouldn't be too concerned about his death, at least not as much as about those who died in his presence, like Bennett Brant, George Stacy, Ben Reilly, Charlemagne(2) or indeed the burglar who killed Uncle Ben(3). Peter also was not present at the suicide of Kraven, yet he developed massive feelings of guilt over it in Soul of the Hunter.

(2) Who manipulated Spider-Man into killing her in Spider-Man vs. Wolverine.

(3) The burglar died before his eyes in ASM #200 after Peter had (unintentionally) caused him to have a fatal heart attack. Interestingly, even though this strictly speaking made Peter responsible for the man's death (though probably not guilty of it), I can't think of an instance where Peter gave this a thought; it probably is understandable that he did not feel too much remorse given that the burglar had murdered Uncle Ben and later kidnapped Aunt May. The ramifications of the matter were only explored when Ben Reilly encountered the burglar's orphaned daughter during the Clone Saga.

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