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Subj: Doc Ock // Spidey !!!
Posted: Thu Nov 13, 2014 at 07:07:48 am EST (Viewed 124 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Jumping the shark ...
Posted: Fri Nov 07, 2014 at 02:58:35 am EST (Viewed 175 times)

    I would say with reference to Doc Ock that a lot of this is ex-post reinterpretation.

On the contrary !!! (°_°)

That's when I read his first Siver Age appearances that I started to see him that way :

- Peter Parker (PP) // Otto Octavius (OO)

- Spidey = an invertebrate with 8 legs // Doc Ock = an invertebrate with 8 arms

- Spidey's main weapon = web // Doc Ock's main weapon = web

- Octavius looks like an older Parker who would never have become Spider-Man. Both Peter Parker & Otto Octavius wear glasses. Both have short haircut (the bowl haircut will come later. Octavius had the same haircut than the Roman Emperor Augustus when he first appeared).

- Spidey's origin = radioactive accident // Doc Ock's origin = radioactive accident

- Aunt May is wrong about both characters : she hates Spidey because she believes what the Daily Bugle writes; she trusts Doc Ock because she thinks that he is a sweet & polite man.

- Spidey feels guilty about the death of Ben Parker, his adoptive father // Doc Ock feels no remorse about the death of George Stacy, Gwen's father.

- During the Nullifier storyline : thanks to the weapon, Spidey lost his mind // Doc Ock lost the control of his arms. Also during the same storyline, Doc Ock tries to make an amnesiac Spidey his partner in crime.

Et cetera.

That's why he is my all-time favorite Spidey foe :
Since ASM #3, Stan Lee & Steve Ditko had planned Doc Ock to be Spidey's true antithesis.

That's also why he is the best villain of the Raimi trilogy.

During the 1960s, Doc Ock was not only one of the main archnemesis (the other is, of course, Green Goblin), he was also a reverse Spidey (the others are, of course, Scorpion and Spider Slayer Mark III).

Actually, I read all these stories before reading Web of Death or Superior Spider-Man.

    And I reject the notion that "if there is not Ock, there is no Peter Parker".

I don't. \:\-\)
During many years, Peter Parker has been a superhero without Norman Osborn around (granted, other Goblins were around).

On the contrary, Doc Ock is to Peter Parker what Sinestro is to Hal Jordan, Zoom to Barry Allen, Mandarin to Tony Stark, Red Skull to Steve Rogers, Doctor Doom to Reed Richards, Magneto to Professor Xavier, .... the Antithesis.
The Goblin legacy is the greatest threat (like Ra's al Ghul : "immortal") but Doc Ock is the antithesis.
When there is a new Spidey (Reilly), there is a new Doc Ock (Trainer).

    Interesting post. I agree with quite a bit of it, but not all of it.

Many thanks. \:\-\)
I can be very enthusiast about Marvel rogues.
I hope you didn't mind.

    This made it much easier for me to make a clean cut after OMD after JMS had made me return to the Spider-franchise because of the quality of his writing.

BTW, Doc Ock also fits what Ezekiel said : Spidey is a true animal totem // Doc Ock is a totemistic pretender (artificial arms).

On the contrary, the Goblin has no link with animalistic totems.