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Subj: Re: Fair played, thank you. :-)
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Reply Subj: Fair played, thank you. :-)
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      I see. Still, I'd say that a villain comparing himself to his opponent so that he can describe himself as better (or should the word here be "superior"? \:\-\) ) is an old convention, so here comparing his arms to a web even if that comparison does not, IMO, properly fit, can be excused.

    Granted. \:\-\)
    It was also tempting, spiders being trapsters, for Steve Ditko to make a visual effect on the cover showing a totally powerless Spider-Man against Doc Ock.


      BTW, ASM #3 does provide two other interesting things:

      On the splash-page Doctor Octopus is already (and somewhat spoilerifically) touted as "the only enemy ever to defeat Spider-Man". Even though that did not mean very much at the time (in his previous three appearances Spider-Man had merely been up against a normal-powered burglar, a normal-powered master of disguise (the Chameleon) and an enhanced senior citizen (the Vulture)(1)), the story did set up Doc Ock as a villain to be reckoned with. And until the Green Goblin showed up and carved out his niche, Otto Octavius was arguably the top dog among Spider-Man's villains.

    Yes : Doc Ock is the first opponent whose abilities are supposed to nullify Spider-Man's powers.

    Chameleons are supposed to be eating arthropods but, like you said, the Chameleon isn't strong enough to beat Spider-Man in a fair fight.
    The Vulture might be his first super-strong opponent but a bird would be a prey for a giant spider.

If Ditko had given the Chamelon a tongue like the Toad had in the first X-Men movie, how cool would that have been!

And as I see in the wikipedia article, Goliath birdeaters only rarely prey on birds, and very small ones at that. While a lot of bird species probably could easily eat or at least kill spiders of the size of the one that bit Peter. BTW, trying to eat a vulture would be a very different proposition for a spider than eating a hummingbird.

    On the contrary, even if spiders & octopuses are far from being natural antagonists, there is some kind of logic to choose an octopus as the totem of the next foe.
    Visually, both animals are quite disgusting & scary.
    Both are trapsters.
    Both have eight legs.
    Et cetera.

    BTW, when Doc Ock first appeared, he was supposed to be a mutate like Spider-Man.
    He had some kind of supernatural psionic power over his artificial arms.
    In the first issue, it is more than some kind of telepathy.
    Doc Ock comments that the arms are stronger after the radioactive accident.
    So it might be some kind of psychokinesis (like how Medusa controls her hair).
    In later issues, Stan Lee forgot it that and explained that the arms are using hydraulic technology to be super strong.

Interestingly, the Ultimate Doctor Octopus was eventually revealed to be a psychokinetic who was able to make new arms out of scrap metal at the drop of a hat (USM #103-104). But I see you already mentioned him further below.

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