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I hope these come out in a trade all on their own because these are really good stories. Even though the words Spider-verse appear, 90-95% of the story is a one-shot of the featured Spider character. If I remember correctly, only the 1930s Spider-Man is previously established. Most of them are new creations.

#1: Spider-Man of the 1930s AKA Prohibition Spider-Man: Honestly I don't recall much of the original minis that Depression Spider-Man had. Maybe they were good or not but I don't recall. This picks up after whatever happened in there and he's in semi-retirement. Big Crime is over. This universe's Mysterio (who is an actual magician in as much that actual magicians exist) learns of the Anasi/Great Blood/Totem stuff presumably via this universe's Kingpin.

This universe's family is a May (Aunt? Mother? I'm not sure) and MJ. MJ seems distance and there seems to be some type of armed conflict MJ was a part of. It is also implied that this universe's Spider-Man had an affair with a Felicia Hardy. He's a much more lethal Spider-Man and it is a good read. He's also quick on his feet and seems to be some type of either science teacher or researcher.

#2: Spider-Gwen. This universe seems to be set in a more modern reality with ipods and earbuds. Gwen gets bit by the Spider, starts out making a name for herself on talk shows. Peter is picked on a lot. And in a very Ditko-esque turn, he turns himself into a villain. It is implied Peter deduced Spider-Gwen's identity and he dies in her arms, though it isn't stated if Gwen killed him or if the Lizard serum killed him. Gwen is very much an outlaw figure, with her father and J Jonah Jameson (still a newspaperman) out to get her.

Gwen is also more of a punk-skater kid, being a drummer in a punk band called the Mary Jane's, with MJ on guitar and vocals, Gwen on drums, Glory Grant on keys, and an unidentified Asian woman on bass. Someone recorded what they thought the song should sound like and put it on You Tube:

Gwen is believed to be responsible for Peter's death and law enforcement wants to bring her in. It is also implied that the Kingpin thinks she did kill Peter and wants her on his side, so he sends this universe's Rhino to try to murder Captain Stacy. Issue ends on a good daughter-father moment.

This also might be the best issue Latour has written for Marvel so far, especially since his WATXM spiralled out of control.

#3: A young man named Dr. Aaron Aikman works for a big research institution. He put cloned spider DNA into his own, granting him powers. He uses his labs at night in secret, also developing a high tech suit and webbing, which he calls silk. He's in a relationship with the founder of the institute, who put her work on the backburner after her daughter was in a car crash and is in a persistent vegatitve state. Working for a cure turns her daughter into some type of villain. The story ends with Morlun encountering Aikman just as he's about to stop the threat. Not a bad story but we really didn't get a lot of time to see a satisfying conclusion like we did in the previous two.

#4: I don't know how to describe this other than incredibly creepy and we finally answer the question of what if a female Spider bit Peter and he had to lay the eggs..... Still really good. Unlike the other issues, the main "spider" doesn't seem to live through it. But there is another....

#5: SP//dr. This issue is anime to the max.SP//dr is a suit activated by genetics. When Peni's father dies due to brain death, Aunt May and Uncle Ben tell her that she can take up SP//dr's role. A spider bites her "but only if you let him" and she's able to control the suit. She is struggling with the death of her father, someone she didn't know, asking this universe's Daredevil if her father would've liked her. At the end, she explains to Spider-Ham that she'll pilot this suit and protect the city "until terminal failure".

"Does it make a lot of noise?"
"Yeah...the good kind."

Really awesome issue. I want more of SP//dr's universe.

I always loved Spider-Man Noir. I had wished it had a longer run. In the early issues of Spider-Man Noir, Felicia and Peter did have a thing. She knows of his secret identity. But later on (if I can recall), she blames Peter for the scar on her face thus sort of ending whatever relationship they had. She had a flawless face before when they were first involved with each other. At that time MJ and Peter were just friends or maybe I'm remembering incorrectly.