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Subj: Fails miserably as a first issue of an ongoing series
Posted: Sat Nov 29, 2014 at 10:17:04 pm EST (Viewed 116 times)
Reply Subj: Spider-Woman #1: It is Hopelessly Land
Posted: Thu Nov 20, 2014 at 08:36:54 am EST (Viewed 39 times)

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So Land's GIS and Porn tracing is even more noticeable when it is a book that is almost entirely female cast members because no one has their mouths shut at all, ever.

Without giving anything away, there is some mildly amusing lines like Jess calling 30s Spider-Man "Prohibition Spider-Man". But beyond that, the book is just really, really dumb and seems to just exist to pawn several of the characters off into their own adventures until they're needed for the main event.

Silk is still a really bad an annoying character but at least that fetish costume is gone.

Anya is probably going to kick the bucket because she gets a big "You need to keep running and go and protect Silk because staying to fight means you die" speech. Probably to give Silk an "Uncle Ben moment" which every damn new Spider-writer seems to be obsessed with giving anyone with Spider-powers.

Doubtful that Spider-Gwen dies off. She actually has the other (yes, there are two of them) good line in the whole book. She comments that hanging out with Jessica Drew is doing wonders for her body image issues.

Like seriously, how does Greg Land continue to get work? How is this an acceptable way to draw anyone?

There could be any number of excuses why the issue is bad. The biggest is that it is using the larger Spider-verse story as a launch pad, and thus has to tie in to the larger story in a specific way.

But as an establishing issue in a series it fails simply because it does nothing to really promote the titular character Spider-Woman. After reading this issue, I have no idea what the series focus is going to be, or its tone, or anything else. In fact, it seemed to spotlight more on Silk than SW, and Silk is due for her own series early next year. If I were a new reader, I spent several dollars on a Spider-Woman book and walked away with anything but her, and probably couldn't even tell you what her secret identity is - or if its even a secret.

This would have been better served as a Spider-verse tie in mini series called "Spider-Women," and then launch SW, Silk, and Spider-Gwen in solo titles once finished.

Marvel used to be better than this. They used to practically lecture readers on the proper way to write comics and tell stories in comics. This is a shocking example of what NOT TO DO for a first issue.