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    It was pointed out to me once, that Slott writes for Marvel Team_up, and it is true, while Team -Up wasn't a magnet for the issues Slott brings to the tables, it was more in line with Slott's sensiblities. Though, I do remember Claremont, Dematteis, Wein, and Conway, finding room for more character in MTU, but it was more about spectacle over character than either ASM or PPSSM.

    I fear I may have babbled too much about Mr. Slott.

I find it hard to contribute in a meaningful way to a conversation about Slott's limits - mostly because I have barely read any of his work. I picked up New Ways to Die (loved it) and most of Superior Spider-man (which was new and interesting). I did pick up the Kingsley arc, and hated it. I gather from these boards that Slott has overstayed his welcome. I really hate the idea of Peter being a millionaire businessman - they destroy the marriage to stay true to the character, and then make him rich? Talk about cherry-picking what the essential elements of the character are...

    I just Wish Marvel would do a villain that amazing again. The last SPider-villain with that much charisma and gravity to them was, what? Venom? I may be spacing on some character, but that feels right.

I haven't been so invested in a villain since Hobgoblin was dumped in limbo. His presence loomed over the book (similar to how Doom's presence was always close in Byrne's FF), and when they dumped him in limbo that great sense of menace just evaporated. The book felt less important, more trivial.

In retrospect, I understand why other creators were reluctant to bring the Hobgoblin back to the table. DeFalco and Owlsley were big names, and their dismissal was directly tied to the Hobgoblin debacle. But giving the Hobgoblin identity to a common mercenary like Macendale was not the way to go. Again, the sense of menace around the character evaporated. I would have preferred not to see the Hobgoblin at all than have him watered down.

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