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Subj: BTW, small recent continuity error
Posted: Fri Dec 08, 2017 at 07:24:16 am EST (Viewed 235 times)
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Never got around to typing a review but saved the 0-DAY thread @fourchan and maybe if anyone's read the story it might be worth censorsharing for belated comments since no one has yet...

    Amazing Spider-Man #791 Anonymous 11/15/17(Wed)14:14:55 No.96795329 Archived >>96795340 >>96795434 >>96795453 >>96796076 >>96796877 >>96799239 >>96800115 >>96802036 >>96806431 >>96811123 >>96816408 >>96820503
    It's time for a comfy Spider-Man adventure.
    TRIGGER WARNING: all the /politaclly incorrect/ denziens should be aware that certain elements of the issue will leave you enraged. Proceed at your own risk.

    Anonymous 11/15/17(Wed)14:18:31 No.96795416
    >>bed over couch
    Mockingbird is way too friendly.

    Anonymous 11/15/17(Wed)14:19:08 No.96795434
    Ask me about my feminist agenda, op.

    Anonymous 11/15/17(Wed)14:22:25 No.96795527
    Just say that Robbie knows already, Dan.

    Anonymous 11/15/17(Wed)14:23:12 No.96795547
    Didn't Bugle just write a slander piece against Peter?

    Anonymous 11/15/17(Wed)14:26:02 No.96795619
    Are you &^%$ing kidding me right now? Wouldn't you be happy at a male voice being your personal secretary? But more importantly, WHO &^%$ING CARES?!

    Anonymous 11/15/17(Wed)14:27:01 No.96795644
    Robbie claims it wasn't slander because it was "true", and Peter stupidly agreed with him because MUH PEOPLE LOST THEIR JOBS.

    Anonymous 11/15/17(Wed)14:28:14 No.96795676
    >>team start messing with Humanitech property on the spot
    So it's a team of retards.

    Anonymous 11/15/17(Wed)14:29:06 No.96795702
    You'd think that people in the MU would have AIphobia after all the Ultron attacks.

    Anonymous 11/15/17(Wed)14:32:44 No.96795800
    A-droid, android u got it right? Like iphone and android. Seriosly, wtf Slott?

    Anonymous 11/15/17(Wed)14:33:27 No.96795821
    another ASM issue, another sad wednesday

    Anonymous 11/15/17(Wed)14:35:28 No.96795881
    No. Aunt May, you are not allowed to like Bobbi.

    Anonymous 11/15/17(Wed)14:36:39 No.96795918
    Okay, this got a kek out of me.

    Anonymous 11/15/17(Wed)14:39:57 No.96796015
    >On what grounds?
    I'm pretty sure she has a criminal record.
    Remember what happened the last time you let a criminal you could have stopped get away?

    Anonymous 11/15/17(Wed)14:41:47 No.96796064
    But she was also a registered member of one of the Initiative teams.

    Anonymous 11/15/17(Wed)14:42:11 No.96796076
    This issue felt kinda pointless. Did we need this much set-up for Peter returning to the Bugle?

    Anonymous 11/15/17(Wed)14:42:53 No.96796097
    Honestly ish was less crappy than usual.

    Anonymous 11/15/17(Wed)14:43:31 No.96796117
    Then she got arrested, escaped the Raft and got arrested again

    Anonymous 11/15/17(Wed)14:46:54 No.96796212
    This sunglasses doctor is pretty hot, just saying.

    Anonymous 11/15/17(Wed)14:47:39 No.96796225
    I feel like this book has no reason to exist. There's no mission, no sense of urgency.

    Anonymous 11/15/17(Wed)14:48:33 No.96796247
    Bobbi is hot.

    Anonymous 11/15/17(Wed)14:55:57 No.96796427
    I'd say so, yeah. You kinda need to establish what his new job is now considering it's probably going to be taking a backseat to spider-man shenanigans going forward. It's also nice to have a little one-shot every now and then, especially when the next issue starts up a multi-issue Venom crossover.

    Anonymous 11/15/17(Wed)15:00:54 No.96796542
    I hate Rubylyn already.

    Anonymous 11/15/17(Wed)15:05:06 No.96796617
    Slott's OCs come and go like crazy. Where are Sajani and Anna Maria? And the Horizon guys? And Carlie?

    Anonymous 11/15/17(Wed)15:05:42 No.96796631
    Why the hell is Peter working for the Bugle? Even if his company collapsed, you'd think other tech firms would be chomping at the bit to get a piece of him.

    Anonymous 11/15/17(Wed)15:09:20 No.96796717
    Dan's writing Bobbi in-character.

    Anonymous 11/15/17(Wed)15:09:40 No.96796725

    Anonymous 11/15/17(Wed)15:14:58 No.96796849
    Fired from Parker Industries.
    >Anna Maria
    Doesn't have a reason to interact with Peter at the moment, since the dissolution of Parker Industries.
    >Horizon guys
    Don't work with Peter anymore, since the dissolution of Parker Industries.
    Made a sensible decision of moving away from the craziness of Pete's life.

    Anonymous 11/15/17(Wed)15:15:40 No.96796877
    >>96795329 (OP)

    I am amused that you needed to give /pol/ a trigger warning. Ever so amused.

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