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Subj: Re: Some Brand New Day questions
Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2018 at 08:10:38 pm EST (Viewed 410 times)
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Posted: Tue Mar 06, 2018 at 07:31:01 pm EST (Viewed 455 times)

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So as I understand it, the official story of One More Day was that nothing in our established continuity changed other than that Peter and MJ didn't actually say "I do". So presumably after their aborted wedding, they went on to live like a married couple for years and never mentioned the reasons why they didn't marry. We all know that doesn't add up, so here are a few questions:

Did Peter still unmask during Civil War?

If so, did Kingpin still go after Peter, May and Mary Jane?

Was May actually shot and then made a miraculous recovery? What does May remember about this, considering she lost her memory of Peter's identity? Would she have any idea why she, Peter and MJ were on the run and living in a motel when she was shot through the window?

How did Peter and Mary Jane actually split up (considering that they were, according to the official story, a couple at least until the Mephisto deal)?

If I recall correctly, after the Mephisto deal there was a one-year time skip. What do we know about what happened in that year? I believe in that year Peter, Reed and Strange got the identity genie back in the bottle, and Harry came out as alive after all. Anything else?

The whole thing makes no sense. The only thing that changed was the wedding was aborted, hence no future kid.

Now MJ falls back on the old trope that she can't handle the idea of losing Peter to a supervillain but also won't stop him from being Spider-man as she knows Peter can't stop and she wouldn't handle the guilt of making him stop.

Anyone get the impression that Mephisto has planted a few commands in her mind?

EVERYTHING ELSE happened the way it happened. They did live together, almost had a kid until Clone Saga 2 and Osborn being retro'd back to life to fix that junkpile ended the kid. Aunt May still dies in ASM 400 only to be retconned back to life. She still learns Peter is Spidey, he still unmasks in Civil Bore and Aunt May still gets shot.

Except that they were not married.

This is all Joe Q's doing because he felt the marriage and a divorce would make Peter unrelatable to readers....but dealing with the Devil is okay....

But as Joe Q has stated: "SHUT UP! IT'S MAGIC! WE DON'T HAVE TO EXPLAIN IT!"

They need to do in the main book what was done in Renew Your Vows: Give MJ super powers. While Spider powers would be obvious they don't have to be spider-powers. have her merge with a benign symbiote from Venom's world, or have the venom symbiote temporarily bond to her, then leave her and we can make her the next Anti-Venom.

Give her a Rescue style of Iron Man armor like Pepper had.

Give her a blood transfusion from Jim Android Torch Hammond and let her gain some flame powers from it and make her the new Firestar.

Or have Dracula put the bite on her but due to interference or magic from Dr Strange she isn't cured but is now a daywalker like Blade.

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