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Subj: Re: Character deaths that should not have been reversed and some characters that need to go
Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2018 at 07:38:44 pm EST (Viewed 409 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Character deaths that should not have been reversed and some characters that need to go
Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2018 at 02:54:29 pm EST (Viewed 464 times)

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    So, character deaths that were retconned back to life that should not have been:

    1. Norman Osborn: they needed a villain to end Clone Saga 2. Mephisto was a choice but it was decided that Spidey and the occult shouldn't mix. Go figure.

    Osborn's legacy after he was gone was something Peter had to work to overcome. The loss of Gwen, Harry going nuts and becoming Goblin 2 until losing his memories, Harry's shrink becoming Goblin 3 for a brief time, then the Hobgoblin, then harry eventually remembering and trying to be a heroic goblin until he flipped out again.

    While bringing Norman back did lead to a few interesting stories over the years, it was better in my opinion that he should have stayed dead.

    Here's hoping issue #800 ends both him and Carnage but I doubt it.

    2. Aunt May: she had a nice finale in ASM 400. There was no need to retcon her back to life and at the end she revealed she always knew Peter was Spiderman. Very nicely done. Yes we had some good stories after she was brought back but her return was really just a status quo reset that wasn't needed.

The only Aunt May story I ever loved was when the actress played her in ASM #400. That fake May was better than the real May ever will be.

(did Peter tell the cemetery to dump the actress out of May's grave?)


    3. Gwen Stacy: CBR did a legends article that confirmed she was cloned back to life due to all the negative backlash they received from her death but they still decided to keep the clone out of the books.

    The problem was that years later we get more clone garbage that led to Clone Saga 2 and the Jackal keeping an army of Warren, and Gwen clones around to do his bidding. In fact, I can't remember; are there any Gwen clones left? I hope not.

    Also I think JMS plan for One More Day would have been to change it so that Gwen didn't get killed by Osborn thus negating the marriage to MJ.

    Gwen needs to stay dead, no more clones.

Disagree about Gwen. There is only one reason to keep Gwen dead...Peter's marriage to MJ. If that's not in play any longer Gwen needs to come back.

Either we get Peter married to MJ or we get Gwen back. This crappy middle ground where he's not with either sucks. I don't want to see Carly or whatever the heck her name was ever again.

I don't care if her death was iconic. It was just a crappy thing to do to a girlfriend character. And she NEEDS to come back and say "oh hell naw I never slept with Norman"

I want Gwen back so she can finally be something more than Peter's dead girlfriend. Now that it's socially acceptable to care about women and their feelings and crap let's bring Gwen back and un-victimize her.


    4. J. Jonah Jameson: seriously, ENOUGH of this arrogant blowhard already. Now he knows Peter is Spiderman and thanks to his big mouth he just nudged Osborn's memory so that he remembers Peter is Spiderman. The Bugle doesn't really want him back, he is no longer the mayor. Just have him retire to Florida or else have Osborn end him.

Seems too important to retire.


    5. Phil Urich: the Goblin wannabe. The only wannabe worse then him was Macendale and Kingsley took care of him. Well it looks like Osborn has now taken care of Phil so good riddance.

Honestly Macendale was really better than all the other Goblins IMO. Except Harry when he was crazy. But Norman and Roderick suck IMO.

I liked Phil in the 90's but felt he should have been killed off or something later on. He stopped being important IMO.

    6. Ned Leeds: don't retcon him back. Let his clone disintegrate and be done. We had the Ned Leeds legacy story in the recent annual, let that be it.

Nah bring Ned back. Like Gwen his death was an injustice that needs to be righted.

Ned and Gwen were non super powered people who died. Barring a warping of time or reality they cannot come back

Unless marvel gets really stupid and states that the Gwen that Osborn had kids with and later killed on the bridge was a clone made by Warren/Jackal who has kept the real Gwen in suspended animation all these years... all the Spidey fans that were in a rage over the Mephisto Mindwipe, how many would be in a rage over such a screwball retcon/revival of Gwen?

Granted that would basically undo her having an affair with Osborn but that would be the only good thing about that.

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