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Subj: Re: Amazing Spider-Man #37: Dates With Destinies (And MJ)...
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Jameson's having a tough time with his radio show, he's routinely mocked by shock jocks called Chet and Chet. Norah Winters drops in on him and they have lunch together. Norah tells him her job out west convinced her that news podcasts were the way to go, and wants Jameson to join in. Jameson initially refuses, Norah argues Johnah was a pioneer in clickbaiting with his "Spider-Man: Threat or Menace" headline grabbers and because of that, Spidey is in a permanent state of 'cancelled'. Jonah regrets this and tells her that Peter's a hero. Norah shows Jameson something on her phone that convinces Jameson to accept her offer.

Meanwhile, Peter seeks advise from other heroes (even Man-Thing) over what he should do with the clairvoyant. With everyone seemingly OK with it, Peter puts it to use and prevents crimes and catastrophes across the city from happening before they can occur. He then returns to him, Randy and Boomerang's apartment with flowers and chocolates to enjoy a night in with MJ as they watch Janet Van Dyne's Super-villain Makeover season finale over the phone together. Peter ends up falling asleep, spoiling the date.

We then cut to Kindred's hideout, where he decides it's time to show Peter what he can do. He wants Peter to face things such as contrition, penance and confession, but believes he won't accept any of these things. There is a sin he has long forgotten, a sin that will unravel him, and to ensure he faces proper judgement, he resurrects The Sin Eater

My thoughts

Cosy stuff, Spencer touches on Civil War II briefly (and includes humorous cameos from Tony and Carol), before once again embracing the concept of a superhero knowing things well in advance. Obviously knowledge like this is power, but Peter makes a good case for wanting it to also be responsibility, and so far, hasn't abused his gift, but give it time. The MJ dinner date (also set up in Amazing Mary Jane#4) is also very cute, with a precise and perfect Parker Luck climax. Shows that there's some things Peter just can't forsee.

As for Kindred, he seeks to punish Peter for his long-forgotten sin and summons Sin Eater from the dead to pass judgement on Spidey. Makes him look a bit like a Power Rangers villain, summoning 'monsters' to battle Peter.

Nice subject line.

As for this ish, the art has slipped some.

The Recap Page conclusion to the 2099 Event was not satisfying as follow up to last issue in this series.

Spidey used The Clairvoyant to avert 3 pretty big crises that was essentially resolved in 3 (almost Nuff Said) panels was BORING!

Asking Man-Thing for advice was too SILLY a comic book bit for my liking. You're right about the Carol/Tony exchange was funny as was the inclusion of CWII fallout was a good detail. Hmm... wonder what Ulysses is up to these days in his cosmic afterlife...

The other comic relief bit of introducing Van Dyne's game show was funny for a Hostess Fruit Pies Universe but too over the top for the 616 considering the likes of Mole Man as a contestant (No-Prize solution would be that all the contestants are merely stand-in actors). Now, reforming villains like those in the MJ series would be more acceptable.

Speaking of MJ, that crossover footnote/scene was a pretty good part of the story.

So, Kindred's 'hideout' is in a delapitated cemetary? He used eldritch energies to raise Sin Eater from the dead? Having not yet read the Knull/Carnage storyline - Kindred's poorly segued Osborn panel just left me confused as to his current status, too.

It is a curious thing we will learn if their is simply a LARGE salary number that Norah could offer JJ that would flip him. For some reason a twist reveal what she showed JJ would probably be more believable.

Amazing Spider-Man 037

I miss Dad & Dan.

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