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Subj: ALWAYS.Bot only if Ron Frenz draws him. And I want Charles Vess covers.
Posted: Wed Jul 08, 2020 at 10:23:19 pm EDT (Viewed 102 times)
Reply Subj: So who else would like Kingsley back as the Hobgoblin?
Posted: Sun Jun 21, 2020 at 09:46:34 pm EDT (Viewed 120 times)

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Was rereading the classic issues where Stern created the Hobgoblin, forgot how fun they were.

The unknown man has a henchman who stumbles across an old safe house of Norman's loaded with Goblin gear and journals including the goblin serum.

They pack it all up and he tells the goon to get rid of the van and after it drives away he triggers a bomb to blow it and the goon up. So whoever this is is already shown to be a calculating, thinking person and a killer.

he takes time and studies the journals and modifies the design of the costume and its appearance and studies and modifies the weapons and suits up as the Hobgoblin. He then sacrifices another goon by having them recreate the serum, it blows up in their face as before, they awake and are dazed and empowered and he suits up as the Hobgoblin and apparently dies in battle with Spidey. Meanwhile the real Hobgoblin was getting biometric data from the henchman and used it to perfect the formula and its dosage and gets powered up.

He was never crazy like Osborn and was determined for sometime to show one and all that he was indeed better then Osborn.

Then of course we get all the clues and usual suspects as to who he is, Stern then leaves the book without outing him and we got the nonsense of Ned Leeds allegedly being the Hobgoblin.

Years later the real one returns and executes Macendale for ruining the name of the Hobgoblin and is revealed to be Roderick Kingsley.

In recent years, Kingsley allegedly returns only to be offed by Phil Urich's Hobgoblin but once again this alleged Kingsley folds like a deck of cards in the fight and was totally incapable of fighting. I knew right then that it was not Roderick. I was right.

Roderick basically functions now as Justin Hammer once did: supplying criminals with weapons and identities of other super criminals that are no longer active as long as he gets his cut.

Not an awful thing and Roderick must be very wealthy by now. He of course has the machine where he brainwashes people to think they are him but the common thing is that in a fight when death is imminent for them, they always crumble in fear and can't fight.

With his wealth and resources I'd write up how Kingsley got his hands on caches of SHIELD weapons after its recent and latest shutdown including some LMD's that he has set up to act as him. No more unreliable subjects to brainwash he can send in the androids instead!

Would you want Kingsley to return? Preferably if it means the death again of Osborn? I always felt that Osborn was better dead as his LEGACY of what he did continued to torment Peter rather then Osborn being retconned back to end the Clone Saga

The two artists who drew Hobby the best were JRjr before he converted to cubism and Ron Frenz. When Todd McFarlane drew him in his Spider-Man title I was excited, but by then Hobby was Macendale and had been transformed into some kind of half demon in the Inferno storyline (I think) and he had a gremlin face. blech. And after that, nobody drew him right ever, he got an ugly black and red tattered costume and at some point a metal eye piece, because that goes well on a medieval tattery monster look.

Finally Ron Frenz came back in the Hobgoblin Lives! mini and got the character right again, and much later in Amazing Spider Girl. Contrasted with the many others who have drawn the Hobgoblin since then, one thing is clear to me: Ron Frenz is the only person who can really draw the Hobgoblin right.

The prevailing art style is to go more cartoony and twee with everything, and this usually hurts a lot in a character like the Hobgoblin, where the temptation to get really cartoony would be overwhelming. I just really never want to see another weak rendition of a character with as great a visual design as Hobby.

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