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Posted: Tue Nov 28, 2017 at 04:56:16 pm EST (Viewed 100 times)
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    Do you know why we don't have the Pre-Crisis Superman anymore? He was boring. DC realized this so rebooted the entire DC universe and de-powered him.

This is overwhelmingly false. I've had the chance to speak with writers like Elliot S! Maggin to confirm it. DC had their reasons for changing Superman, but it sure as heck wasn't because he was "boring". That and Superman was depowered before. The Bronze Age Superman wasn't as powerful as the Silver Age Superman by far, as he was lessened in power in the "Sandman Saga". It's the hackneyed strawman argument with Superman, that somehow more power makes him boring, when it's poor storytelling that's responsible for that result.

    After 30+ years, he would have been back by now and he hasn't because DC knows a hero that can blow out an entire solar system with a sneeze doesn't work anymore and never will again.

Always the extremes. . .and the notion is incorrect. We've seen the post-Crisis Superman push a universe single-handed, and there was no uproar. Why some Superman readers are so needlessly rigid, I just don't know.

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