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Subj: Re: Sure! Why not?
Posted: Wed Nov 29, 2017 at 06:18:50 am EST (Viewed 103 times)
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    Which is too often the case because most writers don't know how to write a hero that has no limits. No challenge. Some writers are even on record stating Superman is too boring BECAUSE he's too powerful. So, maybe, just maybe, there's more to my side of the argument than there is yours since I have actual evidence to support it.

I don't see how there's more to your argument. If a writer says Superman is boring or difficult, he shouldn't be writing him and stick to someone in his range of skill and talent. It doesn't reflect on the character, but the writer. You, yourself, state that writers don't know how to write characters with "no limits", which is a reflection on them, not the characters. If you agree with them, that's one thing, but that doesn't make them, or you, correct in your stance.


      Always the extremes. . .and the notion is incorrect. We've seen the post-Crisis Superman push a universe single-handed, and there was no uproar. Why some Superman readers are so needlessly rigid, I just don't know.

    Pushed a universe single handed? That never happened and trust me, I'd know.

Oh yes, it did. And it was awesome.

    And the reason some of us are "rigid" is because there are numerous problems with writing Superman who has no limits.

The only problem is a lack of imagination and staid readers that encourage it.

    Okay, so, he lifted a planet in one issue then struggles with an aircraft carrier the next. Blame different writers if you wish, but sometimes, the same writer is responsible for the inconsistency. And I've noticed a trend when it comes to Superman. The more powerful he is, the more inconsistent his power level. And then we reach the point of just how utterly absurd it is to be able to move a planet. Why does Superman need to be so strong? What's the point? Did you know he'd wipe out of every life on Earth if he did that? Just the kinetic energy from a thrown punch alone would be enough to wipe out an entire city, even if Superman held back. So forget about him fighting super villains in downtown Metropolis. You can hire all the great writers in the world but you can never erase how absurd a planet pushing Superman actually is. But instead of acknowledging it, the comic writers ignore it and that makes it worse, not better. Ignoring a problem only makes it bigger.

What you're on about here can be applied to any character with any level of ability. You're aggrandizing it because you want Superman at a level of ability that you're comfortable with, which is fine, but that doesn't make your position sound.

    Superman doesn't need to be time traveler, he can use a device for that. He doesn't need to be a planet pusher either, it's too absurd.

Which is your opinion, and one in the minority, and when Superman does such things as push a planet, the outcry is from those who don't want or like it, not because the story was poor. Superman using a device to time travel is somehow better than him having the ability? Semantics. You just don't want or like him having the ability.

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