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Subj: Re: They Predicted Bendis
Posted: Mon Feb 12, 2018 at 09:44:54 am EST (Viewed 269 times)
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    I'm not sure if you can effectively use the "evidence" you're providing, as I specifically stated the reason why I don't do the diligence for others any longer. You have acted out, to the letter, why I do not, complete with sophomoric phrases and memes. Mind you, you don't provide evidence, you simply provide argument. The fact that another poster agrees with you doesn't make either of you correct, it just reinforces the sophomoric nature of your approach to discussion.

    It's not for me show you the flaw in your own position, and it's unlikely that you will accept it once shown, particularly since you've drawn such conclusions in the first place.

Don't give me that.

I can smell bullshit a mile off.

And you're full of it.

Then let's just stop here. The moment foul language needs to be used, especially when debating about a hobby, it's not something I need to be a part of. Until next time. \(yes\)

R. I. P. Kato: A good friend to one who has so few