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Subj: Re: Action Comics #1023: Whatever.
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    So now Superman has the options of the Zone projector or using shrinking ray?

Apparently so now. The Phantom Zone Projector is something I feel Superman can do without as it offers too easy a means by which to stop or hold his more difficult 'problems'. It's especially difficult when there are so many regular uses of the Phantom Zone for story purposes, as it attracts readers attention more and more to the fact that Superman does have this very convenient and easy to use method of halting and imprisoning foes if he desires and needs to.

    And the gas cloud can suffocate him or something?

Yes, Red Cloud is an interesting new opponent, but it is getting harder to accept that Superman still has no thoughts or method of dealing with her - this is hardly Lord Satanus!

[And while on the topic I will have to add - the rationale Brian Bendis employs for the Invisible Mafia is that they will try and conduct meetings and communication in lead lined places, so as to protect and insure against possible detection from Superman. Which is fine in principle, until you think on the idea that being lead lined these places would be just as likely to attract his curiosity! Furthermore these places must have ventilation presumably therefore sound can and will travel to super-ears. So it defeats the purpose. What the Mafia would be better advised doing really, as seen with Lois' calling on Superman this issue, is investing in good sound-proofing, not lead lining....!]

Just think that if DC is going to go down the route of having his weaknesses like to Magic be played up, why not have him being shown actually able to use some of his high tech to fight back?

And how can gas even affect him? Can hold his breath, unles its lined with Green K particles!