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Subj: Re: Avengers Assemble #6 - What about Val?!
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Reply Subj: Avengers Assemble #6 - Thor related of course...
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here it is guys! thor shows his durability by being the only avenger flying into outer space all by his lonesome. he rips into the badoons with mjolnir (as a blunt weapon...again, but we know that's what mjolnir is always used for anyways, so i guess not a big deal if used right, but...) and iron man right next to him. but alas, the trend of thor getting his butt blasted here and there, it continues. thor gets taken down with a weapon that shoots some kind of nuclear fusion energy ball that he takes head on. the whole area is decimated and only iron man and thor is left standing, but "iron man" isn't tony stark, but actually BRUCE BANNER in iron man's OTHER suit! thor gets smoked again and this time he's out cold. banner turns into the hulk and bust out of the armor. but he doesn't even get a chance to smash because a badoon accidently hits the "evacuate" button or what, and everyone gets blown out to space. it ends with thanos getting the hang of using the cube. last page, we see thanos with the infinity gauntlet...hmmmm??


1) thor do show his durability by taking blast after blast in his face, body, groin, butt, nose, back, chest, know what i mean. bendis tries to give us thor fans some solace that even if thor is..again, a brick and a jobber, bendis let us know that he's one tough fella.

2) there's a part where rocket raccoon ask starlord if they can trust the avengers. drax tells him that of course you can trust them. and goes on to say "having a hulk on our side is good." and than Gamora follows it by saying "and THOR." starlord continues with "a THOR is good." and then everyone else starts pestering Gamora by asking her what's going on between them two. they all jump in and say that Thor and Gamora were giving each other "the look." she quickly tells everyone to STFU and changes subject. i think bendis might bring this sub-story out later. bendis has been writing thor as a player. i acutally dig it because it shows a different side of thor that no one really thinks about.


1) again, thor does not use his brains. he goes into battle by knocking heads with mjolnir. i'm ok with that. it's thor's thing. smashing with the hammer and all, BUT isn't it time to do something different and make thor a little more VERSATILE?? just give us a little of "you may think you have us villains, but when you battle the avengers, you battle thor! i shall create a cosmic vortex with a sub-atomic tornado and open a gateway to the desolate kingdom of Nthunguiem where there is no return! at the same time, i shall strike you down with lightning that i've harnessed from your world...that has power enough to split yonder planet in half!"...kind of thing. you know?? something that we can appreciate and look up to thor again!?

all and all, the art of bagley, on this series has really surprised me! he has gotten so much better! his drawings are on the money for size, looks, and composition! keep up the good work! but again, bendis and the "architects" (not counting jason aaron. don't remember a moment where he wrote a story with thor getting his face splattered like a pancake...) has been truly dreadful!

i'm REALLY looking forward with the new reboot of thor and HOPING that jason aaron finish reading stan lee/jack kirby's run and get inspired by how they made thor so intelligent that thor actually used a lot of wisdom when fighting. and just to let you know, lee/kirby was the REAL last time that anyone thought thor was made to be marvel's powerhouse of their comic line.

Really enjoyed the issue. After 6 not so much. Can someone please remind me what is the deal with that (Fearless?) Valkyrie armor? Again she gets poor SA showing with but the mere cameo here. Why don't the Avengers just let her go? She would've been better on the Defenders than Betty Swordwoman - but too late for THAT now.

Don't think THOR was slighted at all this issue. He got a marvelous showing as first lead team, onto himself really, given Banner was just prepping at first; he is assigned and takes the brunt of Thanos' first line of defenses. The Tthing with Gamora that everyone saw \:\) is actually a welcome subplot to play with.

More issue links here:

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