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Subj: No, it's not only a scar, but...
Posted: Thu Dec 14, 2017 at 05:51:50 pm EST (Viewed 331 times)
Reply Subj: Aaron has left his mark on the comic, some might even (unfairly?) call it a scar...
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    With the return of the real Captain America (sort of), we are now facing the death of Jane. Maybe Marvel is finally hearing the fan complaints that their replacing of every major hero with someone else simply isn't working anymore.

My guess is that this 'death' story was planned all along; rather than something born out of the low sales (in general at Marvel) and negative reaction to the forced politics from way too many of the writers.

    Maybe, just maybe, the lack of sales are finally hurting Marvel and so they will give the fans Thor Odinson back to boost sales.

I don't know, I think Thor has been the one title that has done okay (in terms of sales) under Alonso's Marvel.

I think that's down to good writing ('good' as measured against the current climate that is); typically great art; sufficient controversy/teases/mystery and at least three reboots/number #1 issues.

Politics aside I think Aaron has certainly left his mark on the comic...some might even (unfairly?) call it a scar.

    We've already seen what Odinson will look like when he gets the hammer back. looks like he doesn't get the hammer back.

    I believe the article when it says Jane is going to die. But death is a joke and not to be taken seriously. She'll be back.

The smart money would suggest Jane 'dying' then being reborn and getting a rebranding...perhaps as Valkyrie.

Of course at this point her 'sticking around' (in any capacity) will be detrimental to Thor.

    In the meantime, the fans will have their Thor back.

Aaron has done a lot of damage to the character, so Thor will need a lot of rebuilding.

a horrible disfigurement that will take extremely "cosmetic" surgery to erase from existence.