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Subj: Re: About The Molecule Man Thing.
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      Probably the most powerful if he is around. Or at least close to it. Depending on reading of things. He showed up in Ultimates. Life Bringer Galactus indicated he could destroy him with a thought.


        He was the battery for Doom. Containing the Beyonder energy, from how many Beyonder's I am not sure exactly. Maybe all of them or not. When he got out he had the energy. Each Beyonder was able to kill large numbers of Celestials fairly easily. Beat abstract entities one on one. Three Beyonders overwhelmed the Living Tribunal.


          So, if he contains the energy of all or several than he is going to be up there if not at the top depending whatever plot thing is around at the moment. Doom was more than the IG in Secret Wars.


            So, pretty powerful. That said, Beyonders are a different beast than what the Beyonder was initially shown in SW and SW2. they made them fit in cannot but in terms of presentation and so on.

    Appreciate your reply. What story or stories are you referencing in Ultimates or others?

The Ultimates was a series that started one or two years ago and ended in either October or November. It followed a team of Earth heroes that were trying to help prevent cosmic issues from affecting Earth.

They helped change Galactus from an eater to a life bringer and Galactus drew them into a battle to free Eternity. Who was being held in chains by another entity that was revealed towards the end of the run.

At one point Galactus spoke with MM in the series and made it clear he was much more powerful. Even than this Galactus that defeated Order and Chaos.

The other areas to look at would be Johnathan Hickman's Avengers run. The Beyonder's showed up towards the tail end of that but there power is a constant through the run. We then see MM as a battery for Dr. Doom in Secret Wars. The newer series. There was an older series called SW that were also about the original Beyonder.

    I've lost track of the Beyonder and when did the Beyonders first appear?

The original Secret Wars in the 80's. His origin was retconned a few times. Nobody can fault you for getting confused.

    I vaguely remember them but can't recall when they first showed up.

Secret Wars. He was an entity from beyond everything. He was initially a being easily more powerful than Galactus or any other cosmic or mystical being at Marvel. Other than Molecule Man, who was said to contain a bit of the same energy as the Beyonder.

This was largely retconned into the Beyonder being a sentient cube being. So less than the big cosmics. This was then changed slightly in a few different ways. Back to the current, there are apparently a race of Beyonders. All insanely powerful. More powerful than abstracts, but are not able to manipulate time energies. Which is how Dr. Doom defeated them.

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