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Subj: Re: At this point Jane-Thor is a spiteful villain, this issue reinforces it...
Posted: Thu Dec 21, 2017 at 09:31:10 am EST (Viewed 372 times)
Reply Subj: Re: At this point Jane-Thor is a spiteful villain, this issue reinforces it...
Posted: Wed Dec 20, 2017 at 09:08:49 pm EST (Viewed 416 times)


      Yes its a nice play on words but we know exactly why Aaron chose them so don't try to hide behind Hildegarde being 'boisterous' and 'outspoken'.

    Again, what politics does 'anti-Patriarchy' represent?

Far Left, Feminist Politics.

    That you have a problem with this sentiment coming from a fictional character is really bizarre.

Perfect example of Aaron's Left-Wing Preaching. I don't like getting preached to in my entertainment. Most people don't - hence Axel Alonso was fired.


      Thus its sexual politics.

    Oh please.

As attached to Aaron's Feminist Agenda.


      I'll admit I'm blowing off some steam but that issue was ridiculous even for Aaron.

    Fine. You're blowing off steam. I'll leave it at that.

Fair enough, though its still a valid criticism and one that has turned many people away from Marvel.


      That's how she is behaving:

    It's a pretty ugly term, easily on par with certain racial slurs I'm not going to reference.

Is mocking someone's disability something YOU want to see in a hero!?

Again, perfect example of (the Left...in this case represented by your good self) ignoring the Primary Problem (Aaron's forced political agenda) while attacking the secondary Problem (in this case ME complaining about the former).

Jane is not a nice person. She's spiteful, self-entitled, undeserving, cold-hearted and unlikable. Typical of many of Marvel's (Alonso-era) current 'heroes': Iceman, America Chavez, Wasp, Captain Marvel, Squirrel Girl etc.


      I can see why none of this would even register with you; but do you likewise see the flip-side and why this run has so many detractors?

    I can see why a Roy Moore supporter would have a problem with this run for political reasons.

I don't support him (I'd never heard of him until you mentioned him a week or so ago), but I still have a problem with Aaron's preaching (just as you do with Mr Moore's).

    But he lost in Alabama.

If he's guilty of the (conveniently timed to coincide with the election) crimes he's accused of then he should be in Jail; nevermind losing elections.

    It's not a mainstream opinion that resistance to a patriarchal society is somehow evil or wrong.

Its certainly Aaron's opinion though. Men = Bad, Weak & Violent. Women = Good, Strong & Peacemakers.

Odin (and Cul) = Bad man, representative of the Patriarchy
Thor = Weak man, basically cuckolded at this point (as reinforced by #702)
Volstagg/War Thor = Violent Psychopath

All three are formerly heroic characters.

Odin = Wise, benevolent Ruler
Thor = Strong, confident Hero
Volstagg = Comedic, Timid Sidekick with a heart of gold

Aaron just flipped about 50 years of backstory on its head and reversed everything to accommodate his personal Agenda.

    Women should be in positions of power and leadership.

No one is saying they shouldn't.

I live in the UK where:
The Prime Minister of the UK...is a woman
The 1st Minister of Scotland...is a woman
The 1st Minister of Wales...is a woman
The 1st Minister of Northern Ireland...is a woman

No one cares whether they are a woman or not as long as they do a good job.

But if we play the Left's Identity Politics Game then had they been four men in the top positions it would be another example of The Patriarchy and inherently sexist, misogynist, unrepresentative and so forth. Lol. That's the one-sided agenda Aaron has bought into.

    Not surprising that this sentiment would come from a warrior-goddess. We're not dealing with damsels.

Stop being so naive. Aaron's use of the term Patriarchy is pure Left-Wing Agenda. You know it and I know it.

    If that's not what you mean, then I'm misunderstanding.

Aaron's forcing HIS (far left) politics into a title (historically) with characters he didn't create - that's the turn off.

If he wants to create his own comics (and I know he already does) chock-full of his politics then I fully support his right to do so and let them stand or fall on their own merits. While I personally dislike his agenda I recognize he's a decent writer (for one in the modern era).

You address Omnipotence...tread carefully.
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