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Subj: Re: At this point Jane-Thor is a spiteful villain, this issue reinforces it...
Posted: Thu Dec 21, 2017 at 01:30:21 pm EST (Viewed 352 times)
Reply Subj: Re: At this point Jane-Thor is a spiteful villain, this issue reinforces it...
Posted: Thu Dec 21, 2017 at 11:53:43 am EST (Viewed 381 times)

    So you just described virtually every country that is currently non-white majority; even though you specifically picked out 'white male patriarchy' in a previous post.

Is this another one of our 'whataboutisms'? You and Oliva are bemoaning the diminishment of white male superiority. That's the focus of this discussion because of you and Oliva.


      historically at the expense of women.

    Women who historically, never had to fight wars, protect the country, build 'anything'

Women never built anything? And women have been forbidden from fighting in most wars. There are 'mainstream' politicians who believe that women have no place in the military.

    ...but apparently things were 'at their expense' according to you. Any inequality of opportunity ended back in the 70's, women and minorities can reach any positions they want with enough hard work and talent.

How ridiculously naive that you think racism ended in the 1970s, when the poster adjacent to you -- spouting much of the same nonsense as you -- doesn't think whites should mix with other races. I'm still waiting for your outrage over what he said. Or that this view is shared by many Trump supporters and British fringe groups. You focus your outrage towards people fighting resisting these groups. Which for you, I guess, is the path of least resistance. Your outrage flows from their direction.

    You certainly know all about faux-outrage (given how many anti-Trump posts you make on the community boards)

No, the outrage is real. It's a crying shame what is happening to my country of origin.

    but politics and anything else aside; is the Jane in issue #702 the type of hero you want?

I reject the premise that Jane was picking on Thor's disability.

    I don't care what Aaron's political viewpoint is; I simply care about him forcing it into comics that he didn't create.

He has the job, you don't. You'll never have the job. Thank god.

    Is a matriarchy automatically good then?

Absolutely not.

    I have a point with all three characters, you just don't want to acknowledge it. Right now, Thor is the WEAKEST most SPINELESS cuck we've ever seen in comics and that's all thanks to Aaron and his agenda.

Hyperventilate in another direction. Seems like you're projecting a lot of yourself onto Thor.

    Where am I advocating for any such thing?

So you think a patriarchal system is bad? Then what are you whining about?

    Apparently criticizing Aaron's forced political preaching means I am saying men must be in charge of everything, lol, despite voting to the contrary.

This is like thinking voting for Obama absolves you of all racism.


      We've been over this. The right-wing has been playing white identity politics since forever. Certainly longer than I've been alive.

    ...and it hasn't been relevant to anything since BEFORE you were born.

Because racism ended in 1970. Just ask Oliva.

    There is no Patriarchy in the modern western world outside the imaginations of Leftists.

So you agree that a patriarchy is inherently bad. Therefore your political outburst was baseless from the start. I guess the only thing left is whether Jane pushed Thor out of his wheel chair.

    No one is saying all comic characters should be men or white. But at the same time it should be okay to be a white male hero.

No one is saying there can't be white male superheroes.

    We can't discuss the content on non-political issues because his run is dripping with politics. I mean even though we are on different sides of the fence you must acknowledge he is purposefully forcing this stuff in there.

We live in interesting times, and there has been pushback from many industries. The center is not the halfway point between Trump and Obama. That thinking is lunacy.

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