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Subj: Re: The Politics of Marvel Comics, and Common Ground for the Thor board.  [a short essay]
Posted: Sat Dec 30, 2017 at 04:49:30 pm EST (Viewed 327 times)
Reply Subj: Re: The Politics of Marvel Comics, and Common Ground for the Thor board.  [a short essay]
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That was excellent and fair analysis. I think many people can agree with a lot of that regardless of what they think on the issue.

The one point I disagree with though is your idea that Marvel's problem is incompetence in navigating the integration of diverse characters. You don't believe their problem stems from political motivation, however there is plenty of evidence that it does. Too many people who work for Marvel shout their political/ideological opinion as if doing so is their primary focus rather than comic books. It's simply unbelievable to me that the passion for their political ideas, and the absolute hatred for different political ideas is merely a coincidence to what we're seeing in the books today. Or...long story short, I think the problem is politically motivated and not just incompetence.  

Writer, Gabby Rivera, has posted on social media that a way to cheer up during the holidays is to harass white people in department stores. She also has been very clear in her dislike of anyone of Hispanic heritage marrying "whitey". She's posted that she's tired of Latin folks defending whiteness. She's publicly advocated for hackers to steal money from those better off than herself, and for the hackers to redistribute the money to those who haven't earned it. 

In "The Crew", Storm and Misty Knight are glad to see there are no mayonnaise stores moving into Harlem. You know....because all white people LOVE mayonnaise, and you wouldn't want any of "those people" moving into town.

Sina Grace has a picture of himself on social media with a t-shirt, "The future is female". Not that the future is "equality", but it is decidedly, and solely female. 

Mark Waid has said that he is proud of being a "SJW", and it's his stated opinion that so is every superhero ever. As a proud SJW who thinks that ever superhero ever is also a SJW, then why wouldn't he include his politics of what it means to be a SJW into his writing? 

Waid posted on Twitter his belief that if Trump had lost the election, Trump voters would have been setting off car bombs "on every corner", and that they would have destroyed every single mosque in America. That doesn't sound like someone who has a fair opinion of those who simply have differing political beliefs. 

A tweet by Waid telling Republicans to "go f**k themselves" (censoring done by me, Waid used the full word) received a reply from someone mockingly criticizing the harsh language used. Waid's response was to accuse the random fan of trying to remove medical care from a cancer patient, and told him to "f**k off" (again, censoring done by me, not Waid), and then Waid told him never to buy his books. Another fan who reminded Waid that he shouldn't insult fans who have different political beliefs was told by Waid that he doubted neo-nazis read his books, and he doesn't want their money anyway. Got that? Anyone who disagrees with Waid politically is a neo-nazi. It can't be a good business model to continually insult your customers, and then if any of those customers complain about being insulted, you simply tell them to stop buying your product. Comic sales are falling for enough reasons already, should creators be telling fans to "f**k off" and tell them not to buy comics if they don't vote for the same politician???

Nick Spencer has tweeted for people not to believe in the "myth of the good Republican". Because it's certainly not the case that good people can have different political views, no, Nick Spencer and people like him are "good", those who disagree with him simply aren't good. End of story. 

In another tweet by Nick Spencer, he admits hating "most if not all republicans". Hatred is a very strong word. And it's hard for me to imagine hating millions of individuals because of them having different opinions, but that's the kind of people we have working at Marvel. Unless you vote for the same politician, they hate you. And they will proudly announce to the world that they hate you.

Spencer's work has frequently been criticized for being unsubtly politically one-sided. And looking at his public comments, there can be very little doubt this is on purpose. It's not some innocent mistake while trying to add focus to a more diverse set of characters. He hates the people who disagree with him on political issues. He doesn't try to understand their point of view, he doesn't try to find common ground. He simply hates them, and he puts that into his comics. 

It's not just that all those examples exist....it's that people at Marvel are presenting this voluntarily on social media. This is how they promote themselves! When given the chance to let the world know about staff at Marvel, anything at all....what they really want you to know is that some of them hate white people, hate people of color who don't hate white people, and hate anyone who votes for a different politician. Many of those comments would be completely foreign to thinking adults. Most of us have relatives, friends, or coworkers who have very different political beliefs. We learn to have respectful conversations, or to avoid certain conversations if we think emotions may get too high. But most people don't announce to the world statements of hatred. Even on this board, when people strongly disagree, I don't think I've ever seen anyone told to f**k off. When so many at Marvel find those comments acceptable, it speaks to the culture within Marvel.

I've heard rumors that CB Cebulski is not in line with this thought that Marvel should be pushing what people on this board call a "SJW agenda". We'll have to wait and see.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Excellent analysis of the whole situation with Marvel. I recall Kurt Busiek saying on this MB that they didn't have to respond to any of the fans letters. If they did- it was to do us a favor. In other words, they don't seem to put any emphasis on having a good rapport with any of their clients. No business model should be able to operate or function in this manner, because it will fail. Yes, unlike what Busiek said, They must and had to respond to their fans- LIKE IT OR NOT!!!

These people running the Marvel Industry are very arrogant in their mentality. They think (like some Extreme Socialist/Liberals in the goverment) that they could tell you what to do, how to think, and that you must conform to whatever crap they put out- out there. Do you actually think that they will apologyze to the thousands of Thor's fans and others who they dissapointed and offended with their Radical Political nonsense? Don't hold your breath on that one, because they will never accept any wrong doing to the masses that do not conform to their Liberal Agenda, and who they think are a bunch of peons anyways. Better yet, they think that were're a bunch of cattle that need to be indoctrinated into their way of thinking- or do you actually think that Aaron is not getting the full support from the people on top that are running the show in Marvel? Aaron is just a tool that Marvel is using to Indoctrinate the masses- just like countless other Corporations that are part of the Media are doing 24 hrs. a day.

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