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    P.S. a new actor for Thor who won't bitch about wearing a wig (You know the character that GAVE him his career).

If Chris bothered to grow his hair out, there wouldn't be any problems.

My main complaint, though, isn't the hair. It's wearing, I don't know, his HELMET that he WEARS in EVERY issue of Thor but only wore for 2 seconds in the first movie and then a gladiator's helmet that looked like his normal helmet in the third movie. I'll never understand why the director didn't require Chris to wear the helmet in every movie.

Hemsworth was a diva about the helmet too, but Hiddleston had no issues.

He could have worn it for fight scenes and done without it all the other times. As far as the helmet in Ragnarok, it was cheesy as hell looking.

The hair is something that is b.s., he said in an interview that even his daughter didn't like it either; but guess what Chris..your daughter isn't signing your check.

All the actors of the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit didn't seem to have any problems doing what was required of them for their roles (i.e make up), but Marvel kisses his ass and gives in??? Seriously????

In regard to the directors, they should have stayed with Braunagh throughout and Dark World would have been much improved (especially Malekith) and we wouldn't have had the lame ass sitcom that Ragnarok was.