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Subj: Re: I DON'T want any of Aaron's run retconned and here's why...
Posted: Tue Jan 02, 2018 at 09:39:53 pm EST (Viewed 287 times)
Reply Subj: Re: I DON'T want any of Aaron's run retconned and here's why...
Posted: Tue Jan 02, 2018 at 08:45:02 pm EST (Viewed 346 times)

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Well, Aaron disrespected his predecessors works with his crap and the fans of said predecessors, so turn about is fair play.

Hemsworth has become a diva (unfortunately: first with the helmet and now the wig) and as I have said elsewhere, the actors of the LotR/Hobbit films and Perlman in Hellboy (for examples) did what had to be done since they were getting PAID to do it.

I want Aaron's run negated and never referenced again.

As to the movies and Hemsworth not wearing the THOR helmet, so what?

Not every costume in every comic book movie is comic book accurate.

Batman movies, the actor has to wear a muscle suit of armor.

Wonder Woman's costume was modified it seems for Gal Gadot's movie.

Black Widow's subsequent Avengers costume seemed to have TRON power lines on it for no reason other then to tweak the costume.

Captain America: the only time his costume was really comic book accurate was in the first movie when he did the USO tours. Then he designs a new suit for Howard Stark which was essentially body armor, his Avengers costume didn't quite appeal to fans from what I recall so for the next cap movie he regains his war uniform from the museum.

Green Lantern: the movie suit was a glow in the dark CGI monstrosity

The first X-men movie, Wolverine makes a wise crack about the costumes and Cyclops asks if he'd rather wear yellow spandex.

The recent Spider-man movies, the costumes are again altered a bit from the comic.

So Hemsworth doesn't want to wear a slightly heavy helmet that may not be comfortable to wear and may easily get knocked off in some of the action scenes? No big deal.

The movies all have a tendency for the hero to unmask at some point to show their full facial expression anyway....and likely to pad the actor's ego a bit.

The only comic book movie that MUST keep the helmet on the character at all times because we must never see his face is JUDGE DREDD. The Stallone movie violated that character rule but the Karl Urban Dredd movie got it right.