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Subj: I think it is quite safe to say that the precedent you fear was set a long time ago
Posted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 at 05:53:17 pm EST (Viewed 204 times)
Reply Subj: Re: I DON'T want any of Aaron's run retconned and here's why...
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      My point of the helmet was the first sign; while irksome considering Hiddleston wore his helmet without qualm. As I said above to UK, Hemsworth came into this know the character has long hair, so deal with it. I use the example of the actors of LotR/Hobbit did what was required of them as far as make-up, so what makes Hemsworth think he's so "special". Do it for the last two movies (Ragnarok and Infinity War), get paid, and move on.


    You're displeased. We get that. But it's over, a done deal. Why does this continue to bother you so?

    Marvel didn't have a problem honoring his request so why should you?

It sets precedents. Down the road, an actor/ess can come out with "Well, you did this for.... Why not me?"

There are tales in Hollywood for years of assorted actors/actresses stamping their foot and making demands if not outright usurping control of the project.

Stallone's Judge Dredd being a prime example of usurping control and refusing to wear the helmet all the time as the character is supposed to do.

There are also many tales and legends of how Shatner in both the Trek series and movies would use get certain scenes altered or dialog changed, etc.

One legend that I have never been able to confirm or deny is that in Star Trek 3 Search for Spock, SULU was going to become Captain of the Excelsior and Shatner....shall we say....interfered, thus keeping Sulu on the Enterprise crew and making the problems the two actors had with each other even worse then they already were from the TV series days.

Given that Sulu was the Captain of the Excelsior in Trek 6 and only appeared briefly tends to lend credence to that legend but it is still not confirmed.

Val Kilmer: another actor hard to work with unless he gets his way about whatever is bugging him

Tom Cruise....yeesh.