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Subj: If ANY of this is true....
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Reply Subj: Rumours of what happens after Aaron's run...NOT for the faint-hearted...
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Okay so I saw some Thor art from Marvel artist Jim Cheung on Bleeding Cool. looked okay, I guess we have all seen the gold arm/gold hammer pic by now and this looked like a pencil of something similar.


...reading some of the comments and someone posted the following (and I'm hoping this is just someone trolling, but here goes anyway):

    Thor! Yay!
    I am pretty he convinced will be bonded with Jane as his mortal identity after this arc.

    I have heard she is going to basically become the hammer (with word bubbles and all) and he wields it. Basically a Firestorm like situation.

    Dr. Strange bonds her soul to the hammer and the hammer to Thor as his power source after Mangog damages the hammer and "kills" Tempest.

    Thor transfers his powers to create the hammer to house Jane's soul in the fates amber liquid (why the new hammer is gold). When Thor is summoned, she becomes the hammer and he is basically summoned by her.

    This gives everyone a little of what they want but Jane still the powerhouse so they hopefully stave off flake negativity of a male taking his role back. (I Heard this from a writer after a "few" and thought it was head cannon but it really does start to make sense and is feasible).

Again, this could all be nonsense BUT lets go over some of the 'highlights' of this potential nightmare scenario.

1. Thor and Jane become 'bonded'
2. Jane 'becomes' Mjolnir
3. Dr Strange rebuilds this hammer, I guess Odin was all "just let her die for goodness sake".
4. Thor transfers 'his' power into the new hammer
5. This is done to appease Jane fans and any negativity of having a male Thor.

Not sure what the rest of you think but the thought of this disturbs me. Seems like the divorce could be worse than the marriage and Thor ain't getting rid of his spiteful ex-girlfriend (who took his name and his stuff) anytime soon, in fact she's literally his strength now.


Original comment was posted here:

so much for Cebulski being our last hope to get get Marvel out of the dark times of the last three plus years.

It also proves that Marvel doesn't give a damn for the long time loyal fans that essentially gave them their jobs with OUR wallets.