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Subj: Re: Thor beats Hulk confirmed (see attachment)
Posted: Thu Jan 11, 2018 at 09:31:54 pm EST (Viewed 360 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Thor beats Hulk confirmed (see attachment)
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        He does for sure. Really, IMO, this sort of balances things in the movies. In Avengers I think that hulk was winning towards the end of the fight. This is the flip.


          They both have a fight with a lean in their favor.


        In Avengers, keep in mind the environment and conditions they were fighting in. When your aboard a Shield-Helicarrier floating thousands of feet in the air, Thor's hands are tied due to civilians dying on-board and on the ground. Hulk doesn't care about any of that, does he?

    He did care when he was in his right mind. And no civilians were really hurt in that fight or in immediate danger. At least once the fight started they cleared out. The guy in the jet is the only one in any danger and he ended up fine.

Not much to say here really. It's pretty evident if the Hulk is going to chase Black Widow with the non-debatable intent to harm her, when she did nothing (other than make eye-contact) to provoke him or to incite his violence, all civilians on-board the Helicarrier were in extreme danger.

    One could argue, that it would have been in Thor's best interest in getting Hulk off of the thing if your case was true.

Yes. The issue I had with that scenario is when Hulk went after the jet pilot and Thor was no where to be found. The pilot was lucky to escape alive.

    Given the control from the staff, or influence, we do hear that Thor is bosting of downing Hulk if Banner goes out of control. To me, in context, it seems more like Thor wanted to beat Hulk too. Although Thor was more heroic in saving Black Widow.

I don't recall Thor boasting about stopping a rampaging Hulk. When did this occur?


      Also keep in mind, Thor has a warrior code (not to kill mortals he's sworn to protect (Banner is at risk here, and certainly not a fellow Avenger) while the Hulk ALWAYS fights with no restraints usually giving him an upfront advantage.

    To a point, but that would also force us to ignore Thor's quote about putting a stop to Hulk's rampage. He likely cares somewhat about Banner but I do not see much holding back in that fight.

At the beginning of the fight (just like in Ragnarok) Thor is clearly going out of his way to talk to the Hulk (despite being a warrior born), to calm him down, to reason with him there is no need for violence, that he's a friend. That's not holding back to you?

Even when Thor is forced to defend himself (Yes defend himself, because the Hulk won't listen and is trying to take his head off), Thor most likely hits Hulk with just enough force (in his mind) to knock him out or daze him to the point where he can be reasoned with (as in Ragnarok).

My point is Thor isn't trying to injure the Hulk. The same can't be said on the other end.

That's why Hulk always has the upfront advantage. He is the aggressor that is never concerned with wreckage to surroundings or injuries/lives of civilians. Thor, being the hero must take those things into account by minimizing, not adding to the carnage. In Avengers 2, Stark is clearly doing the same. Trying to use only enough force to stop him without injuring him.


    It was a back and forth but it is hard to reason in any way that Hulk was not winning in the end. The reasons may vary but Hulk was winning in the end. Thor did not seem that hurt though. Hulk seemed more dinged up in his Ragnarok battle with Thor.

I will agree with you Hulk WAS WINNING because he had the advantage of fighting on a Helicarrier thousands of feet in the atmosphere and if it's damaged (Thor knows this), would jeopardize the lives of all on board and possibly a heavily populated major U.S. city.

There is no-way Thor can go all out under those circumstances. If he does, the end result will be more catastrophic than what the Hulk would do on his own.

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