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Subj: I took a few liberties with the details...
Posted: Sun Jan 21, 2018 at 02:56:55 pm EST (Viewed 279 times)
Reply Subj: Some reason this leak is probably a fake. Though you can bet some of these things are probably going to happen.
Posted: Sat Jan 20, 2018 at 01:30:18 pm EST (Viewed 387 times)

    I think the idea that this leak is authentic is highly unlikely.

I embellished and expanded upon the known details (for instance I don't know exactly how Jane defeats Mangog etc.)

    I haven't read the newest issue. I imagine some of this is already old news. But first, it's doubtful that Aaron's script would be leaked in the first place. It's possible, but from what I understand that script doesn't actually see a lot of different hands. But moreover, most of these predictions look more likely just that: predictions. Most of these points just look like what you could infer based on the trajectory of the story. And the stuff that's more surprising here look more like a mix of fantasies and fears of the internet fanbase.

As I understand it, the person who leaked it said he heard it last month from a Marvel employee over a few drinks.

Could be bogus - guess we find out in 2 months time.

    1. Odin dies at the hands of Mangog.

    LGDB: This is just an easy to predict outcome. I don't know if Odin's going to die, but he's definitely going to get his ass kicked, and that's made likely because we have 3 issues til the story resolves and their fight appears to come in the next issue.

That bit was from me. However, (in my defense) it was based on the leaked information that Dr Strange creates (or in some way creates) the new hammer.

    2. Thor has his metal arm destroyed.

    LGDB: Well Thor's going to fight Mangog with his dad apparently and they're probably going to get wrecked. Destroying the arm (a new addition that's easy to dispose of but would still look impressive) is an easy to predict outcome.

Well we know Thor has a new Golden Arm and Golden Hammer in 2018 - based on the Marvel preview art.

    3. Jane becomes Thor one last time and throws Mjolnir into Mangog's mouth.

    LGDB: This seems derivative of how Thor defeated Mangog in the Jurgens run. It's something a fan who was attentive to previous fight records and outcomes would think of, but not necessarily a writer like Aaron. But Jane become Thor one last time to fight the big bad, sure that's a easy thing to predict.

This was my own embellishment to be fair.

But the leaked information says there is a new hammer constructed so likely Mjolnir is destroyed and with Aaron putting the Storm into Mjolnir it seems logical this is how things pan out.

    4. Mjolnir/The cosmic storm sacrifices itself and the resulting explosion kills Mangog.

    LGDB: Could be. People are expect this particular "Checkov's Gun" to get used in a big way; so the idea of it being used like a nuke to take out the otherwise unkillable big bad is a good guess. And the Mother Storm's power has already been hinted at when it repelled the Phoenix.

Well at this point we know the Destroyer can't defeat Mangog. We have to assume Odin can't defeat Mangog either - otherwise what use would Jane be. So if Jane is to save the day it has to be something to do with the Cosmic Storm inside Mjolnir.

    5. Without Mjolnir, Jane reverts to her mortal form with only moments to live.

    LGDB: This wouldn't be a spoiler after the fact. This is just common sense. If she's going to die (which it appears she will) it'll be after powering down from Thor and dying right after.


    6. Dr Strange freezes her in time to prolong these last few breaths

    LGDB: This seems just kind of out of nowhere to me. Of course it's possible. Aaron was up until recently working on Dr. Strange. But you could also see why a fan would come up with this theory. Doc Strange has been in the zeitgeist a bit more with the popularity of his movie, and more to the point the recent Doc Strange cameo appearing in Thor: Ragnarok could easily put this in people's head. I would also be surprised if this happens, just because Dr. Strange hasn't so much appeared in Aaron's run. It'd be kind of bizarre for him to swoop in just to do this, especially when Aaron has plenty of other sorcerer characters to choose from in Asgard that he's already been using. I think if Doctor Strange was going to appear ex nihilo to do this kind or crucial plot stuff, he'd have already been introduced into the title and been given some reason to be there.

This was another bit of embellishment from me.

The leaker DID say that Strange helps/creates the new hammer (and he is seen with Jane in the recent issues). So if Mjolnir is destroyed and Jane reverts to her human form and is about to die, surely he can't create the hammer instantly.

    7. Dr Strange creates a new hammer from the amber liquid of the Fates, but it has no power source

    LGDB: Cool idea I guess. I doubt they're just going to get rid of Mjolnir, but it's possible. But again Doc Strange doing it is doubtful. Not only that, in Strazinski's run Doctor Strange fixed the hammer, so there's precedent that fans would care about, that writers often don't.

The bit that really perked my curiousity and made me think the story was real was the detail about the Amber liquid of the Fates and the fact that the new arm and hammer are golden.

It could be that the destroyed Mjolnir (once the storm is freed/destroyed) is reforged (by Strange) with the Amber liquid of the Fates.

    8. Thor (the real Thor) sacrifices his immortal life to fuel the hammer to save Jane, his new golden arm binds him to the golden hammer
    9. Jane is given the new hammer, saving her life, the hammer has the personality of Thor; however...
    10. ...when Jane summons (the power of) Thor with this new hammer SHE switches places with him, meaning He is free while She becomes the personality of the hammer.

    LGDB: This all just seems really convoluted. And as much as some people don't like his work for the choices he's made and the things he's tried to establish, Aaron's plot structures and character have concepts have been pretty simple and clean. The hammer's switch out and have different people's personalities, and there's a character swap, and someone's trapped in the hammer, but it's a new a hammer. Conceptually it's a bunch of arbitrary qualities and ideas just bunched together. Plus it's convoluted and diffusing in terms of the climax of the story because both Thor and Jane sacrifice themselves, story-wise this is unlikely as Thor also sacrificing himself would take away from Jane's sacrifice. Furthermore the male female gender swap stinks of certain fans fears, more than an engine for story telling. And this is even less likely given that Marvel (however quietly) has appeared to make the editorial decision to move away from its more dramatic social justice narratives. The above doesn't seem like it was written by someone who was thinking about the needs of a story or editorial concerns, but someone who was concerned with the physical state, power level, and status of their favorite concerns.

The way the leaker explained it, this was Marvel's way to appease Jane fans (since the reception for the comic is one of Marvel's best) AND still bring Thor back.

You address Omnipotence...tread carefully.
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