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Subj: Re: Disagree with you on a few points...
Posted: Mon Jan 22, 2018 at 12:03:58 pm EST (Viewed 194 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Disagree with you on a few points...
Posted: Mon Jan 22, 2018 at 10:32:09 am EST (Viewed 205 times)

    Agreed, but not single-handedly. Bendis is no fool and got out while the going was good. I'd expect others to get the boot too.

The Captain needs to go down with the ship though. Alonso needed to go.

    Agreed. It's not even that they're preaching - Marvel has always been very subtly subversive - that would seem to come with the territory. It's the level and extent of the damage they've been intent of wreaking. It's been really nasty and prolonged for so long.

That's the feminist agenda they peddle though - it destroys everything it touches.

    Aaron seem to be what a friend of mine refers to as a 'tampon collector'. In other words, he's regularly sent down to the pharmacist on an errand. He's not capable of making statements through his own properties and no doubt makes groundless excuses for the need to do it through Thor.

No one cares about what Aaron is saying in his own books.

I have seen what the Left are doing explained as them trying to take over (white male icon) franchises as if they are an army taking over a territory. Once they have captured a franchise they are in a position of influence to SUBVERT that franchise and all it previously stood for.

So they turn a strong man into a weak man and have him replaced by a (better) woman.

They turn a patriot into a traitor.


    Yeah, totally agree. It's the same with the BBC. I laugh at 'Have I Got News For You' but it would be nice to see a comedian or host who isn't a fully paid up guardian reading luvvie just occasionally.

I stopped watching that years ago, far too biased. In fact I watch very little television because its all cucks and lefties.

I just about stomach Question Time and This Week which at least usually have a contrast of opinions.

    No, I'm not convinced. God butcher was a rip of Desaak. Jane was what, a rip of what if, Earth X, Storm and even JMS. The whole Roxxon / Malekith thing has dragged on and on and on. Thor losing an arm was another Jurgens rip. His sole raison detre has been about subverting Thor.

- He gave us the Three Thors (though it was a bit dragged out).
- Gorr was like Desak, but a far more mature villain.
- The War of Realms is a good idea (again dragged out too much for my tastes but the idea is good).
- He created several mysteries that fueled controversy (and remember controversy creates cash) like what was the whisper; who is the female Thor; will Thor get Ultimate Mjolnir, who is War Thor, will Jane die. etc.
- Asgard Shi'Ar war was a good idea.
- He fully committed to the Jane thing even giving her the name Thor.

I mean yes his feminist agenda shapes and taints everything he's done BUT he has wrapped it all up in the veneer of some interesting ideas.

Aaron has some chops. I don't like Decompressed stories and I disagree with him injecting his Political Agenda into Thor, but those things aside he's probably one of the best writers currently working in comics - certainly at Marvel.

    LOL. And their artists...Marvel have been getting away with a lot. It wouldn't bother me in the slightest if Marvel Comic closed down.

It would annoy me that the SJWs had destroyed a company I have loved for decades.

    JMS' run was slow and I remember being frustrated with it at the time, being monthly instalments and often late. But read in trade it's great. Quality writing with excellent characterisation and plot development. Gillen did a great job afterward as well.

Decompressed stories always read badly in comics format and better in trade format.

    Yeah, that's a curious situation. It IS one of their better selling books but when you look at the top 10, mostly DC dominated, the numbers are a tiny fraction of what their individual books are doing. The problem for Marvel is that they've got problems across the board, really systemic. Not sure how much the new guy can do, but he's got his work cut out.

Its a ridiculous situation and Marvel still have Far too many 'fifth columnists' within its ranks that put identity politics ahead of telling entertaining escapist stories.

You address Omnipotence...tread carefully.
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