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Subj: Re: Unfortunately I still see the previous 'leaked' conclusion coming true...
Posted: Mon Jan 22, 2018 at 01:35:34 pm EST (Viewed 237 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Unfortunately I still see the previous 'leaked' conclusion coming true...
Posted: Fri Jan 19, 2018 at 04:03:11 pm EST (Viewed 329 times)

    Where was it stated or implied it was a godblast?

I rechecked the issue and it was a anti-force.


    To a point with the Dr. Strange thing. I would argue that apart from Odin, Thor, Hela the gods in general are not really that powerful. At least not in a world of super heroes. They are all minor bricks with good fighting ability but could be downed by all sorts.

I'll agree that the average Asgradian is weak compared to the major hitters of that race. Marvel had a problem with the Asgardians in the sense that there would be an entire "world" or being near or onThor's level. This is the problem DC has with Superman and the other Kryptonians. You can have a world of beings all like Superman so a few would be selected to focus on and the rest would be watered down and made into cannon fodder. After all you can't have thousands/millions of super heroes running around. 

    Odin is probably in line with the beings Strange calls power down from. That said, in some ways he has pretty uber showings on such beings if he is ready. I am not sure, as a fan of Strange, I am generally cool with him being able to remake the hammer but he has fixed it before.

My pet peeve is the overuse of high end beings like Odin, Galactus, and other high end beings. Over the years they get watered down to fit the story thus giving the impression that they are weak. Yes Odin is very much in line with the beings that Strange invokes but he is routinely brought down to near Thor's level.

    I am not sure I totally agree that Aaron has made the gods less powerful. As he gave Thor some pretty epic feats. He had Odin cut off one of the realms of existence by himself and beat and imprison a storm that gave the PF pause.

That's the inconsistency that writers inject into their stories. In one story Odin can do things off the charts and the next story he can't even put down Jane or control his own creation. Aaron has depowered Odin in the sense that he changed Mjolnir's origin with this cosmic storm. All these years it the was the Odin Force that empowered Mjolnir to insane levels but now its the storm doing the heavy lifting and not the Odin Force. Just because A can defeat B and B can stalemate C doesn't mean that A can stalemate C. The Odin now is not the Odin of decades ago.

    Just saying, it is very much a mixed bag of things. That said, an argument that Odin being so much more powerful than the others causes an issue and always has. Seeker sort of states it elsewhere on the board already. I agree with it in general.

That's how Stan and Jack wrote him. Odin was the Deus ex Machina that solved crazy stuff but now he is slightly above Thor.

    That said, Odin is not in a bubble. Other powerful entities suffer through the same things. Galactus, Celestials, the Pheonix and so on. It is not like Odin is in a bubble or unique in the sense of having fluctuating power levels at the convinience of the story. I would argue the Celestials have had it worse more recently.

I totally agree and don't get me started on the Celestials. who are not the punching bags of the cosmic beings. Even the OAA in shown (not showing up) as not in charge but kinda left things to run on their own. This is the problem, cosmics are over used and when that happens you get watered down.

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