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To those of us that stopped collecting Thor. After 3 years of the wholesale destruction of one of my favorite comic book characters I don't think I can do business with marvel at ALL. The disgust and outrage is just too much to just shrug off. The next writer has to be damned good to even make me consider picking up another issue.

...if Marvel (Aaron) do something to the real Thor that ruins the character forever, I will never buy another Marvel book, ever. For example, if Aaron writes a story that Thor becomes gay, that is an unforgivable thing, and Marvel will never be able to do anything, literally nothing, to salvage the character at that point. Even if the new writer writes a story where Thor beats Hulk, Superman, and the whole X-Men roster at the same time while singlehandedly saving the entire multiverse, the character would be damaged goods for me, and no longer worth reading. I specifically gave that example, because I think, if the rumors prove to be true, that Thor and Jane will somehow be linked through the hammer, I think  the next thing to happen will be that some of Jane's feminine feelings could spill over Thor....which would really suck. It would be the ultimate humiliation to the character that I love and followed all these years.

Currently, things look bleak for the real Thor, and I can not get excited for the book. The ironic thing is, if Aaron did not make Thor unworthy and not replace him with Jane, his stories would have been really excellent and refreshing. The real Thor vs the Shi'ar gods? War of Realms? Thor saving Asgard from the most powerful version of Mangog? All excellent, if it was the real Thor. Since, it's Jane Foster who is front and center, the only thing I feel is  blind rage and wishing what could have been.

If Jane dies...I mean really die, and Thor is restored to his former glory, I will come back in a heartbeat. But by the looks of things, this whole Jane nonsense will continue.

Jason Aaron should go.

I could get excited again, if JMS or Walt Simonson returns to the title.