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Subj: It can still be fixed...but Marvel thinks it is not broken...and that's the problem.
Posted: Mon Jan 29, 2018 at 04:52:22 pm EST (Viewed 238 times)
Reply Subj: Re: I can easily fix it...the problem, Marvel do not want to.
Posted: Mon Jan 29, 2018 at 12:57:31 pm EST (Viewed 276 times)

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    I can easily fix it, to be honest. Here is how....

    Just tell a story that Mjolnir has been corrupted by that elemental storm. The storm hates Odin and wanted revenge by usurping Thor. The Elemental Storm has been slowly corrupting Mjolnir and Thor for years or decades or millenias. The whole Jane-arc is the culmination of the revenge plot by the Elemental Storm to bring down the whole comcept of gods in the Marvel Universe...hence "gorr being right" follows that whole narrative. The story told to Jane about the alleged "true origin" of Mjolnir is just one big lie in order to undermine Odin and Thor.

    In the end, Jane Foster dies, Thor and Odin purge Mjolnir of the Evil Elemental Storm, and with the evil influence gone, Thor once reunited with the hammer and without the evil elemental storm, he is reborn, his body made whole and becomes more powerful and noble than ever. The End.

Purging the Storm from Mjolnir is a good idea but sadly I thought about that as well and I think the pitfall that Aaron has laid goes deeper than just the "Storm". What Aaron has done stabs at the heart of Asgard and its origins itself. By having the Storm do most of the heavy lifting while the enchantments of Odin are diminished and placed secondary makes Odin into a far weaker being than he had previously been known. Before the "Storm" arc, it was the Odin Force alone that empowered Mjolnir, now its not as great as it once was. I know some people say the Odin Force tamed the "Storm" so that makes it a feat because this "Storm" was so powerful yet Mjolnir has been broken, sliced, cracked by various beings weaker than Odin himself. So either the "Storm" is not as powerful as people make it to be or Odin is not as powerful as people make him to be. That's the problem with rewriting or inserting things into a character's origin/history to justify whatever cockamamie story the writer is trying to shove down our throats. I not sure if this can be fixed.

In the hypothetical scenario I posted, just because the Elemental Storm corrupted the hammer, and by passed Odin's worthiness enchantment does not mean the Storm is more powerful than Odin himself. And the fact that it has taken decades or millenias before the Elemental Storm has fully corrupted the hammer and negated Odin's enchantment speaks volumes as to the potency of the Odin Enchantment. The Enchanters has done the same thing.

I disagree that the hammer's powers only came from Odin's enchantment. The enchantment deals specifically to the worthiness aspect of the hammer,  dimension travel, and the power of flight. All the rest, such as weather powers, lightning generation, the god blast, and the anti-force, the hammer is just being used as a conduit to the Power of Thor.  And the force behind every blow, comes from Thor's own strength.

As for Aaron altering the very fabric of could just be one huge elaborate lie.

At this point, I just want this whole Jane Foster nonsense to end, I will even settle to Thor just waking up and the entire 3 years has been nothing but a loooooong nightmare induced due to a bad case of hangover.

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