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Subj: The whole thing about the god storm...
Posted: Tue Jan 30, 2018 at 02:43:24 pm EST (Viewed 253 times)
Reply Subj: Re: It can still be fixed...but Marvel thinks it is not broken...and that's the problem.
Posted: Tue Jan 30, 2018 at 11:43:43 am EST (Viewed 226 times)

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    In the hypothetical scenario I posted, just because the Elemental Storm corrupted the hammer, and by passed Odin's worthiness enchantment does not mean the Storm is more powerful than Odin himself. And the fact that it has taken decades or millenias before the Elemental Storm has fully corrupted the hammer and negated Odin's enchantment speaks volumes as to the potency of the Odin Enchantment. The Enchanters has done the same thing.

This is the problem. All the amazing things that the hammer could do is was not do to the storm but Odin's power alone. By inserting the Storm into Mjolnir's history it makes Odin less powerful because before the Storm's introduction it was all the Odin Force period . Length of time it took the storm to "corrupt" the hammer is irrelevant to the fact that Odin's power wasn't doing all the things Mjolnir could do. 

    I disagree that the hammer's powers only came from Odin's enchantment. The enchantment deals specifically to the worthiness aspect of the hammer,  dimension travel, and the power of flight. All the rest, such as weather powers, lightning generation, the god blast, and the anti-force, the hammer is just being used as a conduit to the Power of Thor.  And the force behind every blow, comes from Thor's own strength.

I beg to differ somewhat. Thor does have weather powers but so does Mjolnir. The proof of this is that every person that has ever wielded Mjolnir had storm powers. Surely Eric Masterson doesn't have weather power that he adds to Mjolnir but rather the hammer is giving him what Thor already has. Thor himself even admitted that he relied on Mjolnir too much for the things that he himself could do. Thor even mentions in his battle with Zeus that Zeus was more experienced at being a storm god than he was. There is a long list of powers that the hammer has that are not from Thor like the Anti-Force which is different from the God blast but you know all of this. My problem is that the God Storm is providing the majority of the power inside Mjolnir and not the Odin-Force.

[{quote]As for Aaron altering the very fabric of could just be one huge elaborate lie.
I can't see how anyone can fix this and tell a credible story.

    At this point, I just want this whole Jane Foster nonsense to end, I will even settle to Thor just waking up and the entire 3 years has been nothing but a loooooong nightmare induced due to a bad case of hangover.
Totally agree but I don't see it happening. The only other way it could happen is something similar to The Reining and that would make it a cheap knock off, of course Gorr is a knock off of Desak so who knows. I said, that can be revealing that the God Storm is not the  power source of the hammer. It's just a malevolent entity which corrupted mjolnir. To fix the reveal that the power source of the hammer is the god storm could be a new reveal that it was all just a big fat lie.

The others who wielded mjolnir did get weather powers because they are  imbued with the Power of Thor. "Whosoever, if he be worthy, shall possess the Power of Thor". The weather power is part and parcel of being the god of Thunder. So, that power source is not the Odin Power. The enchantment which enabled the wielder to access the power of thor is the worthiness enchantment placed by Odin.