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Subj: Re: You are contradicting yourself.
Posted: Tue Feb 06, 2018 at 12:31:17 pm EST (Viewed 175 times)
Reply Subj: You are contradicting yourself.
Posted: Fri Feb 02, 2018 at 01:30:33 pm EST (Viewed 201 times)

    In the previous posts, you are offended that the power source for the hammer is the god storm and not Thor. And now you think it would make a mockery of Thor and Odin if Odin did not use the powers of the god storm? Weh? Make up your mind, and not just disagree for disagreement sake.

I'm sorry if you misunderstood me but hear is what I'm saying. Before the God Storm it was the Odin Force that powered the hammer period. Mjolnir also allowed Thor to focus his own weather powers and his God Blast through the hammer. In past issues Thor himself even stated that he relied on Mjolnir too much with the use of his weather powers. In the past some writers blurred the lines between Tchor & Mjolnir to the point where you didn't know if it was Thor or Mjolnir doing the feat. One thing for sure is that it was the Odin Force in Mjolnir that gave all the other powers in the hammer.

Now that the God Tempest Storm has been introduced into Mjolnir's history it is no longer the Odin force that provided the bulk of Mjolnir's weather powers but rather the storm. For me this throws all previous stories and issues into chaos. The Odin Force is reduced significantly because it is not the driving force behind Mjolnir's powers anymore. The Odin Force now works with the God Tempest for all of Mjolnir feats. This coupled with Thor's power explains everything that was done in the past. Not only has Odin been reduced but Thor as well. Where does Thor use his own weather power and not the God Tempest's power or vice versa? For me this is a major flaw in adding the God Tempest into Mjolnir's past.

    Why would Odin do that? Well, he did absorb Surtur once and imprisoned the Elemental Demon in his own body.
Well Surtur did escape Odin  so trapping a tempest into Mjolnir may not be a good idea. But Aaron doesn't care about that My problem is that Mjolnir's past is radically altered and past deeds are now in question. Was it Thor or the God Tempest or the Odin Force doing the feat?

Keeping the God Tempest causes several problems that I see.:

1.) What about all the other Mjolnir's from previous Ragnarok cycles or is that entire story line thrown out?
2.) Storm Breaker is supposed to be Mjolnir's equal yet it has no God Tempest in it.
3.) If the God Tempest is powering Mjolnir's weather powers should not Thor be even more powerful than what he is because his storm powers are added to the Tempest putting him way over the top?
4.) If the God Tempest is powering Mjolnir weather power then the Odin Force is taking a back seat to all past feats and the Odin Force is not as powerful as previously thought.

    And what the heck is a "potable jail"? Drinkable jail? Uncontaminated jail?
No, this is lazy writing. The writer should know that Surtur is a Elemental and Elemental's can't be killed or trapped forever only delayed. (delayed by a million years or so).

    And before we go off-tangent, the scenario I stated above is my way of fixing the current storyline. It's not what I think is happening. It's not what I thought happened. It's just a hypothetical scenario how I will fix the current storyline. Ok? Why did I come up with this? Because you originally said that there is no way to fix the current arc. I just half-assed it and came up with a very plausible scenario where I can fix the things that you are offened the god storm being the power source of the hammer...I will fix that by just saying that it is not the power source, just merely corrupted the hammer (which has happened before with the Enchanters).

The God Tempest can't be fixed into believable story and still have Marvel save face. I'm sure some writer will come along and take a shot at it. I personally can't think of a viable way to retcon any of this but maybe there is such a person who can.

    Far fetched? No. Everything I proposed has been done in Thor comics in one way on another....the hammer as the prison for the God Storm? Odin used himself to imprison Surtur. The god storm corrupting the hammer? The Enchanters once corrupted Mjolnir, and Surtur once also almost corrupted Odin. There are precedents, and not far fetched at all.
So nothing new here to see, move along folks. All sad stories and I can think of better prisons than having your son carry it around in his hammer, that he might need in battle one day. I'm not surprised Gorr is a rip off of Desak so the cycle repeats itself

    As for the Odin Power copying Thor's powers, as how you understood it...there is nothing overtly stated that such is the case. Not a thing. With mjolnir, another wielder, if proven to be worthy, also possesses the Power of Thor...not "the carbon copy of thor's power courtesy of the odin power". When Thor fought Eric Masterson and both of them used the hammer in that fight, do you think the hammer alternated enchantments? No. Do not overthink things. Sometimes, it is what it is. The wielder of the hammer just access Thor's powers, nothing more. If it doesn't make sense to you, well, still doesn't make sense how anyone can instantaneously travel from one end of the universe all the way to the other side, but it does happen in comics...a lot.

There is no over thinking this but rather this is the problem with Marvel morphing Thor over the years. When Thor holds the hammer he doesn't get his own powers "again" but rather his powers combined with what ever Mjolnir adds to the package. When someone other the Thor holds Mjolnir and they are worthy then they are given Thor's power set which includes Thor's strength and whatever Mjolnir adds to that set. They are not given the God blast and innate weather powers. Thor can control the weather without Mjolnir but no one else who has worn the mantle of Thor has ever done so. Jane, Bill, Red Norvel, Dargo or whomever have never had weather powers without Mjolnir. Where is this power coming from? Its coming from the Odin Force enchantment in Mjolnir that changes that person into a Thor but not the actual Thor. Of course this is not the real Thor but someone who has his power set courtesy of Odin's enchantment. Something is coping Thor's powers, what is it.     

    As for the odin power copying Thor's powers? Maybe in the case of Stormbreaker for Beta Ray Bill....maybe. but with Mjolnir, it's always "whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the Power of Thor".
Bill held Mjolnir before he got Storm Breaker and he became a Thor being. In fact when Bill first held Mjolnir and became Beta Ray Thor he said that Thor/Mjonir's power were added to his own making him more powerful than he was before. Something is copying Thor's powers because when Jane is Jane Thor, Thor Odinson is still himself and he sill has all his powers and abilities minus what ever Mjolnir was giving him. She is a female version of Thor so what is making her so? The Odin Force enchantment is.

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