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Subj: Re: The power of movie Hela
Posted: Mon Feb 19, 2018 at 10:51:43 am CST (Viewed 233 times)
Reply Subj: The power of movie Hela
Posted: Sun Feb 18, 2018 at 11:18:48 pm CST (Viewed 352 times)

    Just watched the movie again...what boggles the mind is that Hela not only stopped mjolnir mid flight with one hand (soooo she is worthy?) but she was also able to apparently physically crush it.

    That puts her in rare air if you put her back in the comics universe. Thor, Hulk, even Odin couldn't physically crush mjolnir with one hand like a ancient frozen beer can.

    What's interesting is in the next scene she has Thor by the throat. If she can crush enchanted uru , Thors throat seems a soft target by comparison.

    Has anyone, short of the Mangog ever shown that kind of physical power?

    We are to assume that because she owned mjolnir in the past that the worthiness enchantment Odin put on it in the first movie is invalid and that's why she was able to hold it...or that she was so powerful she could negate Odins enchantment.

    Poor the movies, his sister breaks his the comics his ex gf takes his weapon.

    I think he can be and should be BOTH god of hammers and god of Thunder/lightning.

Look at the movie again. She didn't "crush" it. She stopped Mjolnir but she wasn't "holding" it Per Se (look at it closely). I believe she caused it to "explode" as opposed to crushing it.