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Subj: Re: The power of movie Hela
Posted: Mon Feb 19, 2018 at 02:21:22 pm EST (Viewed 290 times)
Reply Subj: The power of movie Hela
Posted: Mon Feb 19, 2018 at 12:18:48 am EST (Viewed 343 times)

    Just watched the movie again...what boggles the mind is that Hela not only stopped mjolnir mid flight with one hand (soooo she is worthy?) but she was also able to apparently physically crush it.
The worthy part of the enchantment left me in doubt. Clearly Hela is not worthy to lift Mjolnir. When looking at the scene it appeared that she stopped Mjolnir forward motion than hold it up. It could also be that Odin's enchantment was overridden by her. For me its not clear if she shattered the hammer by stopping it, or caused a energy buildup feed back shattering the hammer or outright squeezing it to crush it. If she had the physical power to crush it then she should have snapped Thor's neck. 

    That puts her in rare air if you put her back in the comics universe. Thor, Hulk, even Odin couldn't physically crush mjolnir with one hand like a ancient frozen beer can.
Movie Hela is different animal than comic book Hela. In comics no one has ever physical crushed Mjolnir in their hands. It was either cut by another weapon or destroyed by energy attacks or feed backs. Thor did break Mjolnir when striking King Bor so it can be broken.  

    What's interesting is in the next scene she has Thor by the throat. If she can crush enchanted uru , Thors throat seems a soft target by comparison.
See above but yes she should have broken Thor's neck but she didn't so this throws in doubt whether she really crushed it physically or caused a energy explosion (movies are inconsistent like the comics.) 

    Has anyone, short of the Mangog ever shown that kind of physical power?
Mangog crushed Ultimate Universe Mjolnir but never 616 Mjolnir. We do know that Mjolnir was broken when Thor hit King Bor so I guess its possible to break it that way.

    We are to assume that because she owned mjolnir in the past that the worthiness enchantment Odin put on it in the first movie is invalid and that's why she was able to hold it...or that she was so powerful she could negate Odins enchantment.
It think Odin's children can overcome his enchantments if they are powerful enough. Hela is older and more powerful than Thor and I assume as Thor gets older he to can cast his own enchantments.

    Poor the movies, his sister breaks his the comics his ex gf takes his weapon.
Lately Thor has been humiliated in comics and the movie. In the comics Thor lost a arm, and hammer a name, and his clothes. In the movies his lost his hammer, his eye, and his kingdom. 

    I think he can be and should be BOTH god of hammers and god of Thunder/lightning.

Its sad that Marvel is trying to separate Thor from Mjolnir especially since the hammer is an essential part of the myth.

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