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Subj: Re: The power of movie Hela
Posted: Wed Feb 21, 2018 at 08:04:11 pm EST (Viewed 118 times)
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    It has nothing to do with importance. I frankly do not care at all. What bothers me is the accuracy of the claim. What is shown isn't what you try to explain.

    I mean, why should we ignore the thumb clearly sinking in? Any valid reason for this? 

Wow. *whistles* I'll try to explain this as basic as possible....

In order to crush something, it must be between two points such as thumb and forefinger(s). Can we agree with that basic principle?

Mjolnir was NOT between two points. The thumb was on the side whereas the other 4 fingers was on top of the head, NOT on the other side of the hammer. It is VERY clear if you pause the scene. Go ahead, look, I'll wait....

(Now, if you can acknowledge this simple point, keep reading. Otherwise, stop right here.)

As Makkari1 stated earlier----"When
looking at the scene it appeared that she stopped Mjolnir forward
motion than hold it up
. It could also be that Odin's enchantment was
overridden by her. For me its not clear if she shattered the hammer by
stopping it, or caused a energy buildup feed back shattering the hammer
or outright squeezing it to crush it. If she had the physical power to
crush it then she should have snapped Thor's neck

Since it wasn't crushed, most likely Hela used HER own power to trigger some type of mystical energy backwash causing Mjolnir to explode.

I can't break this down any more than this.

IMO, you argue on a false premise (while needlessly using a condescending tone at that): That there need to be two opposing fingers to explain the thumb being able to clearly sink in the hammer. You do not. You need an opposing force, which the hammer trust against the palm of Hela can provide well enough for the thumb.

BTW, even if we look at the video second by second at 0,25 speed, we at no moment see all fingers and how they all are distributed and we very clearly see the thumb sink in.  

At 36 sec, the hammer hit her open hand. 
From 36 to 49 sec, the hammer movement struggle vs Hela.
At 49 sec, she begin to sink her thumb in it (Regardless of how your explain it). 
From 49 to 51, the thumb sink in deeper and more cracks appear.
At 51 sec, lightnings erupt from Mjolnir.
51 sec + Mjolnir is rubble.

You can argue whatever you like, but one fact remains: She is sinking her thumb in the hammer. Why show that if you want to give us the idea there is an energy build-up that is responsible for what follows?

I will admit that it is entirely possible that you are right about the intention behind the scene. Maybe the author intended it to be exactly what you say. However, I will point out that if it is the case, they did a very poor job depicting that. The sinking thumb doesn't help carry what you try to go for.

What you get from that scene is Hela completely overpowering the hammer and the enchantment in every way possible.

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