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Subj: Re: 'Fresh Start' Thor Brings Back Odinson In Title Role - By Jason Aaron & Mike Del Mundo
Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2018 at 11:23:57 am EST (Viewed 224 times)
Reply Subj: Re: 'Fresh Start' Thor Brings Back Odinson In Title Role - By Jason Aaron & Mike Del Mundo
Posted: Wed Feb 28, 2018 at 01:37:57 pm EST (Viewed 304 times)

    I have been away a long time and decided to comment.
    my take is that Marvel completely watered down Thor and also Odin to the point where Thor became a whinny child again and Odin an argumentative powerless ruler.

The PC crowd is in full effect. Thor & Odin suffer at the hands of these type of thinking.

    Odin being beaten to a pulp by this creature???? Did the writers even read previous Thor books? I stopped reading some time ago when they made substantive changes to Thor and Captain America.

Of course Odin has to be brought down a peg or two to make the story credible otherwise he could end things in the blink of an eye. This is the problem with using overpowered characters like Odin too frequently. They heroes have the power to solve most problems but they have to be brought low to make the story relevant. 

    I have no problem with a female character like Jane becoming a super hero or the Falcon. but Captain America was Steve Rogers (not a Hydra agent) and I collected all the way back to the 1940's.

I agree, if Jane can stand on her own without having to usurp another person's name & power I'd be OK with that.

    Thor was Thor. Jane has to die for Thor to get his hammer and power's back? come on.

She shouldn't have had it in the first place. The whole Mother Storm and Thor losing his hammer is a contrived plot that is a bust to me.

    Odin created planets and could hold his own with any skyfather or a non watered down Galactus. I actually had a problem with he fought Thanos and Thanos didn't die immediately. He was watered down even then.

I'm not sure about Odin making planets (at least in Marvel) but he has repaired them easily. Also if a high end character goes around killing his opponents then there will be nothing left to write about.

    First Marvel took Thor's time traveling ability away a long time ago. Stupid. why didn't Odin simply replace it? Then the slowly watered down Thor's powers. Until the Superman/Thor clash in Avengers vs Justice League. Then they realized that Thor was too powered down to face Superman.

Yeah this was back in the day when Mjolnir really meant it was a weapon of the gods. Now its just a lightening club with emotional issues and a temperamental attitude. Thor as a son of Odin is overpowered to really be on any team and often he is watered down to fit in with those around him. Thor even admitted this in an issue of the Avengers. That just the way he is written. 

    I know Marvel wanted new readers and fresh starts, but Thor and Galactus became the punching bags for any new character Marvel wanted to introduce.

This is standard operating procedure nowadays. I think that high end cosmics like Odin and Galactus are used way too much and thus they get watered down. 


Yes, very much so.

    I'll never understand Marvel's tendency to water down its characters.

Not sure why either but they seem to be running out of ideas maybe.

    so, wow! Thor gets his hammer back. big deal. That character has lost all respect now. didn't Thor defeat the Godkiller? how much more worthy does one have to be?

Thor is a guy so that automatically disqualifies him to hold Mjolnir. 

    anyway, my take.

    Also, for those that still think Superman could or should have beat the original Thor. remember, the Original Thor had the power to open dimensional gate ways and send superman to a realm with red suns. The hammer would have diagnosed Superman weakness pretty quickly (as in the old books) and sent red sun rays to him, etc. etc. and I like Superman, but come on.

This is really up to the writers as Thor has the power to defeat Superman

    sorry for the rant, but Marvel didn't and does not care about older readers and the collectability of their comics. They hurt collectability every time they kill off or ruin older characters.

They've made their money what do they care for you and yours?

    Namor and the original human torch anyone????

Death is never permanent in Marvel.

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