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Subj: Entire Article Debunked point-by-point...
Posted: Fri May 25, 2018 at 03:11:08 pm EDT (Viewed 602 times)
Reply Subj: The Mighty Thor: How Jane Foster Took the Mjolnir to New Heights
Posted: Wed May 23, 2018 at 05:09:24 pm EDT (Viewed 539 times)

Okay so to begin the author of the article (Peyton) is entitled to their opinion but he makes several points I need to respond to.

    MIGHTY THOR shouldn’t have worked.

Half the Thor community would say it didn't work, except to alienate them.

    With its first issue coming out in 2015, only a few years after two popular Thor MCU films, the odds were immediately stacked against it.

Not really, at the height of the character's popularity Marvel sought to push a political agenda that has seen many fans abandon the book. However, Aaron brought enough of his own fans along and that, coupled with a well received start (God Butcher); some brilliant mysteries (What was the whisper? Who is female Thor? Who will pick up Ultimate Mjolnir? etc.) albeit with lacklustre payoffs, decent art (for current Marvel books), MULTIPLE Number One issues (in 5 years) alongside a legacy #700 issue and a super-hyped 'Death story' he kept decent sales at a time when Marvel comics are at its lowest ebb - as noted at the Retailer Summit last year.

    Superhero fans wanted Odinson — the brawny, armored Asgardian with chiseled good looks.

Now a scrawny, disabled, self-doubting, shadow of his former self - thanks to Aaron.

    What they got was Jane Foster — a dying female cancer patient with few ties to Asgard.

I don't think they mention she has cancer enough in the books.

    The series was the complete opposite of every Thor comic series that came before it.

It adopted a position anathema to everything Thor stood for, so in that respect I agree with this point.

    Because of that, MIGHTY THOR should’ve struggled in sales and been canceled after a few issues. The Mjolnir should’ve been returned to it’s “rightful” owner. Everything should’ve stayed the way it had always been.

Most people are willing to give new ideas and stories a chance. Many did not foresee how far Aaron would push his Mary Sue while emasculating, belittling and undermining the real Thor in the process.

    But, instead, MIGHTY THOR became the series of the year and Jane Foster became the undisputed new Thor.

Disputed by pretty much everyone (including yourself) which is why you have to continually refer to her as Jane and not Thor to differentiate between the two.

    Jane’s popularity soared as high as the Mjolnir as more and more comic fans came to accept — and adore — the Goddess of Thunder.

I don't really see what there is to adore about her? She's a terribly unlikable character: bitchy, condescending and self-entitled all while playing the victim card.

    Writer Jason Aaron and artists Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson gave Thor fans something they never knew they wanted: a female Thor who,

Jane is a cosplay Thor...and we already saw a female Thor during Dan Jurgen's run.

    though powerful,

A complete and utter Mary Sue of a character.

    still has relatable struggles and human dilemmas.

Thor: 'Asgard can cure you of this cancer Jane'
Jane: 'No I don't want cured of it, but I will take your name, property, job and (inexplicably) skill', because despite abandoning my husband and child I'm worthy (because I'm female), whereas you who have only saved the world a hundred times over are unworthy (because you are a male).

    Jane’s Thor is a unique brand of hero, who fights for things beyond nationalism

Seemingly she fights for the same left-wing politics Aaron is trying to push.

    and titles.

She doesn't fight for titles...just steals them.

    She is, at her heart, a character who respects life and proves that gods — and Thor — are not static beings, incapable of change.

She doesn't seem to respect men very much.

    Jane Foster may not be the first Thor people think of when hearing the name, but she is definitely the one people won’t forget about anytime soon.

That is certainly true. The amount of damage done will take a long time to wash off.

    If you haven’t read MIGHTY THOR yet, I highly recommend checking it out. You can find the first issue here, at Comixology.

If you want a book that puts down men to push a feminist agenda - its the book for you.

    If you’ve already read MIGHTY THOR, you should be familiar with the basic plot: Jane Foster has cancer that, because of her frequent Thor transformations, cannot be treated. Every time she picks up the Mjolnir, the cancer-fighting drugs she takes are removed from her system. Thor is inadvertently killing Jane Foster.

Thor offered her a cure for the cancer before she picked up the hammer and she turned it down.

    For most people, that would be enough of a reason to hang up the hammer.

What moron would choose 10 years as a frail, bed-ridden invalid over 5 years living as a god with super-powers?

    Unlike Odinson,


    Jane isn’t Asgardian and she doesn’t really have a reason to help anyone outside Midgard.

Thor always helped everyone who needed it, of course he's unworthy now.

    No one would shame her for focusing on her health and ignoring her “duties” as Thor.

Warm a hospital bed for 10 years or Fly about as a super-hero for 5 years, what a dilemma.

    After all, she has her life to consider

What life? Without stealing Mjolnir she's virtually on her death bed.

    and it would make more sense for Asgardians like Sif and Odinson to handle the safety of Asgard.

It really would but then we wouldn't get the chance for Jane to put the gods 'in their place'.

    But, that’s the opposite of what Jane does.

Not really much of a choice, live 5 years as a super-hero or 10 years \(\?\) as a cancer-wracked invalid.

    Throughout the series, she acknowledges the fact that the Mjolnir is killing her,

Yes its called Virtue Signalling.

    but she never shies from it. She quickly accepts her position as Thor and understands that, although she’s a strange choice for the title,

Yes apparently you can now lift Mjolnir for SELFISH reasons as opposed to EVERYONE ELSE WHO EVER LIFTED IT who only did so to specifically help someone in trouble backed up by a life of good deeds.

    the world still needs a Thor.

She could have phoned Beta Ray Bill.

But instead she was self-entitled enough to vote herself (with her ZERO experience) into the position of Super-hero/God...what a trooper.

    But that Thor is not only there to defend Asgard, or to be a brave icon for a nation. The world needs a Thor because the realm of the gods needs someone with humanity.

They seem to have managed just fine for the past few million years without some mortal 'putting them all in their place'.

    Jane is unique because she isn’t interested in all the show that comes along with being Thor.

That's why she takes his name, mimics the costume, mimics his speech patterns (on occasion) and takes his place on the Avengers.

    As Thor, she has nearly limitless godlike powers, but she consistently shows less interest in being a god and more interest in helping people and saving lives.

...but conveniently doesn't have time for the family she abandoned.

    Because Jane is dying when she isn’t Thor, it increases her respect for life when she is Thor.

...and she clings onto it so tightly even death can't stop her.

    And since she’s frequently surrounded by immortal gods who have no respect for life, that’s an important trait to have.

Or maybe beings that live for millenia or longer simply have a different perspective on life. As Thor once noted when he said he was to the Celestials as the ants at his feet are to him...unfathomable.

    I could write a whole article about how important it is to have a female Thor, but I think by now, most readers know that.

I could debunk a whole article about how important it is to have a female Thor. isn't important at all.

Better to have female characters that stand on their own two feet not on the backs of others.
Better to have female characters that promote femininity, rather than ones who ape masculine traits.

    When you replace arguably the most masculine Avenger with a woman, you’re definitely making a statement.

The statement Aaron made is that women >>> men; its a constant theme running throughout his run. To reinforce this he makes Thor a cuck, Odin a mysogynist and Volstagg a psychopath while the women get to be strong, righteous and saintly.

    Of course it’s a big deal that Jane Foster — a woman — was Thor.

She never was. Thor is a name not a title.

    But, there’s something deeper to Jane’s character than her gender.

Feminism? Aaron's left wing ideology?

    Yes, she’s a girl, and yes, numerous characters throughout MIGHTY THOR disapprove of her because of this,

No they don't, they disapprove of her because she stole Thor's identity...and because she generally talks down to them.

    but there are a lot of characters who don’t necessarily disapprove of her because she’s a girl.

Like who? Odin after Aaron turned him into a mysogynist (to make him a charicature of the Patriarchy)?

Since when did Asgardians disapprove of women? Do they disapprove of Frigga? Sif?

    They disapprove of her because she’s not the norm.

In a Universe where monsters and aliens of every type interact you are claiming they dislike her because she isn't the norm...not buying it*.

*pun intended.

    Even though she’s a skilled, capable fighter,


Where did she she just gain millenia of fighting experience?

Since when did wielding the hammer give you Thor's skill? Aaron just pulled that out of his backside.

    many Asgardians don’t like her because she isn’t the Thor they’ve always known.

She isn't Thor.

    Even others, from different realms, fail to respect her as Thor because she’s willing to break the status quo.

Is 'breaks the status quo' code for 'talks down to others'? Maybe its her sense of self-entitlement they don't warm to.

    Jane Foster isn’t just a woman — she’s a woman who has taken a powerful title, thus usurping the man who once held it.

The problem is that Thor EARNED Mjolnir, he's legitimately WORTHY. She didn't earn it and she's NOT legitimately worthy.

    The fact that Thor is a woman is important.

You keep saying that but it really isn't and he isn't.

    However, I think it’s even more important that people oppose her not only because she is a woman, but because she is a person willing to take something that others don’t think should be hers.

They oppose her because she's not worthy, they dislike her because she's self-entitled.

    Jane is different in so many ways: she’s a human, she’s sick, she’s from Earth, she’s a woman, etc, etc.

She abandons her family, she likes playing the victim, she mocks the disabled, etc. etc.

    All of these things together are able to dismantle the original meaning of the word “Thor.”

Precisely because in Communist Asgard we can all be Thor.

    The things that make her different are the things that make her worthy of the hammer.

Wrong a thousandfold.

An accruement of good deeds along with trying to help a specific person (or persons) in need (ie. being unselfish) are what allow you to be worthy. Being a sick woman (who abandoned her family) from Earth doesn't make you worthy and anyone who thinks that is utterly deluded at best or at worst an Identity Politics Peddler.

    MIGHTY THOR is over and the Mjolnir is no more.

Yet Jane lives on.

    Jane Foster returned to Earth to focus on her health

Dusts off the victim card for another round.

    and Odinson will pick up the Thor moniker in the new THOR series coming out in June.

Its not a moniker...ITS HIS NAME!

    The days of Jane Foster’s Thor are now behind us. Or are they?

We are not that lucky. We need Jane to preach on and continue to mock and put Thor down.

    Clearly, Jane Foster’s Thor is a pretty special character.

She's unbelievable.

    During her series, she broke a lot of boundaries and completely rewrote the story of Thor.

For the worse.

    She did in a couple of years what normally takes decades to accomplish and the public noticed.

Total character assassination.

    MIGHTY THOR sold really well

It sold decent with its five #1 issues, #700 legacy issue and 'Death of' hype-athon.

    and I think Marvel realizes what a special character they have in Jane Foster.

Yet another unlikable, man-hating Mary Sue to add to the coven of diversity swaps we've been subjected to these past five years.

    The one-shot MIGHTY THOR: AT THE GATES OF VALHALLA explicitly said that the Mighty Thor would return someday. With how popular MIGHTY THOR was, I think someday is probably soon.

Give Jane her own comic that doesn't say Thor in the title (or 'The Mighty') and lets see how well it sells.

    When she does come back, I hope to see a cancer-free Jane Foster who doesn’t have to hold up the weight of her illness.

Why? That's the whole selling point of the character.

    I want a Jane who retains her sense of self — and her humanity —

Can you only have humanity when on death's door?

    but is able to be Thor without fear.

She was never Thor, at best she's some spiteful girl cos-playing as Thor.

    I also want a Mighty Thor who doesn’t have an expiration date.

So instead of giving Jane her own identity lets just steal Thor's again!

    MIGHTY THOR always had an end date since the lead character was dying of cancer.

Yes we all got our hopes up for that one.

    It couldn’t keep going on. But, if Jane Foster’s Thor were to come back cancer-free, more series could follow in the future.

What will she Virtue Signal about without the cancer though?

    Until that day, I’m just happy to re-read the masterpiece that is MIGHTY THOR while drinking a big goblet of mead. Huzzah to Jane Foster — the Thor us Midgardians truly needed.

They put a Feminist, Atheist, Identity Politics Peddler on a book about a male white god and they made the Anti-Thor run.

What will they think of next...putting someone who hates America and its Service Men and Women on Captain America?

You address Omnipotence...tread carefully.
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